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سپر کیچ!حسن علی کی کمال گیند پر اسد شفیق نے ایسا اعلیٰ کیچ پکڑا کہ گورے بھی عش عش کر اُٹھے۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Hasan Ali is amongst the wicket takers for Pakistan here. He has just taken his second wicket of Buttler courtesy to an excellent catch from Asad Shafiq. Mohammad Amir and Mohammad abbas bowled in tandem at the begin of the second consultation, and persisted with their probing lines. the challenge was met with a mix of warning and aggression with the aid of cook dinner and jonny bairstow, who managed to show solidity despite their vulnerability outdoor-off. more than one fours came off the out of doors 1/2 in their bats in the first  overs but there were also some full ones which they put away without a good deal fuss. however, their promising stand turned into reduce short when bairstow tried a force without factoring within the overdue movement from faheem.

The appearance of ben stokes infused lots greater positivity to england’s innings, with the all-rounder additionally scoring the first six of the sport whilst he deposited a shadab khan shipping over the mid-wicket fence, along with normal hits to the ropes. at the alternative quit, cook’s assured drives gave him persisted success in terms of limitations as the fifth-wicket put on a brisk partnership. but, pakistan once more observed a manner to obstruct england’s progress and this time it became amir who put his hand as much as defeat prepare dinner’s defence when the batsman performed within the line. jos buttler, gambling his first take a look at because december 2016, began with a couple of limitations off shadab and remained unbeaten along side stokes. earlier, joe root’s decision to bat first on an overcast morning didn’t appear to be the right choice as there has been masses of assist for the short bowlers.

Although mohammad amir didn’t take a look at his menacing pleasant, mohammad abbas had the batsmen in lots of hassle with the ball moving both ways. he fantastically installation the dismissal of stoneman, moving the ball away from the left-hander thrice earlier than getting one returned in to discover the space among bat and pad. even as abbas’s notable first spell – 6-4-eight-1 – posed masses of inquiries to the english batsmen, they were capable of break out resulting from loss of pressure from the alternative pacers. cook survived a pakistan evaluate and changed into being overwhelmed more than one times outdoor off. however he cashed in on something that changed into unfastened to keep the scorecard at the circulate. joe root appeared to be settling in and supporting cook dinner lay the groundwork for a flourishing partnership, best to chase a wide shipping from hasan ali that resulted in his dismissal. he changed into observed soon after via dawid malan, a shortish transport outside off doing the job for hasan.



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