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پاکستانی شاہینوں نے انگلش بیٹنگ لائن کے پرخچے اُڑا دئیے!محمد عباس کی شاندار گیند انگلش کپتان بھی آؤٹ۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

England decision to bat first in the first innings has back fired. At the moment they are 70 runs behind the Pakistani total from the first innings and they are six men down. Abbas once again comes and takes a crucial wicket. This time he has taken out the English captain Joe Root. A review even could not save Root. He was out the moment the ball hit the pads. Abbas was able to get this ball back into the pads of the batter here. The old ball is swinging and when it comes to reverse swing the world knows that Pakistani bowlers are the best in this art. The ball hit the pads and umpire did not take a sec to raise his finger. He knew it was out. Root wanted to try his luck element. Went for a review but there was nothing in his favor in the review as well. England are six wickets down and Pakistan is sensing win here fans.

Joe root’s selection to bat first on an overcast morning did not look like the right desire as there was lots of help for the quick bowlers. mohammad amir, who started with a maiden, afflicted cook dinner inside the starting over. however, he erred with his line and lengths in his subsequent overs, conceding some of boundaries to cook. at the other cease, abbas turned into transferring the ball both approaches and turned into also touchdown them as it should be to hold the batsmen guessing. he beautifully installation the dismissal of stoneman, transferring the ball far from the left-hander thrice before getting one lower back in to locate the gap among bat and pad.

While abbas’s outstanding first spell – 6-four-8-1 – posed lots of questions to the english batsmen, they were capable of break out resulting from loss of stress from the conflicting pacers. amir ended up working for 18 runs off his 4 overs in his first spell at the same time as hasan and faheem ashraf did not appear to honestly trouble the pair of cook dinner and root, who have been laying the foundation for a partnership to flourish. but, the ones efforts were undone when the britain captain went after a wide shipping from hasan and edged it to the wicket keeper to leave for 4. prepare dinner, who survived a pakistan review while faheem rapped him on the pads (umpire’s name saving the batsman), persisted to discover the limits at the same time as malan got multiple freebies at the leg-side. however a shortish shipping on the off-stump line from hasan triggered an mistakes from the batsman, with skipper sarfraz ahmed retaining directly to his second capture of the innings.



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