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پاکستان کا اگلا فیلڈنگ کوچ کون! بہت بڑے پلیئر کا نام فائنل نام سن کر ہر پاکستانی کا سر فخر سے بلند ہو جائے گا

Pakistan cricket team will get a new fielding coach shortly after the time period of current fielding coach Steve Rickson ends up. Steve is not asking for a renewal in his contract or even an extension. He has done his part as per him and now he wants someone else to come up and take his place. There os no doubt that Pakistan team has done really well under his coaching. Pakistan fielding has always been a weak link in this team after their batting. The batting we all know has this tendency to either hit something big or fail miserably. There is no continues transition in the Pakistan batting line up just like their bowling which has been really good for over many years now. Pakistan fielding has improved a lot as well.

The biggest difference we can see is in the fielding of this Pakistani side. The last time they came to England there were too many drop catches and they even led to Pakistan only been able to level the series though they could have won it as well. In the current two matches test series against England we have seen that the catching from Pakistan was excellent. England dropped catches and some of them were really crucial and as a result they lost the opening test at Lords. On the other hand Pakistan held onto everything which came at them aerial. The catches taken in the slips especially by Asad Shafiq were as brilliant as they can get. The little man has been really fantastic in the slips.

Now there are a few names revolving around in the media for the new fielding coach for the Pakistan team. James Foster is one of the names, the former English wicket keeper batsman is very much interested in the job. He has even met Mickey Arthur as well. Foster is very much keen in working with the current management of the Pakistan cricket team. The performances Pakistan is giving recently clearly shows that the Pakistan team is learning a lot from the current management and Arthur is really working hard on his team. The Pakistani fielding coach job has another applicant as well and that is Grant Luden. He too is looking to work with the current management of the Pakistani team. So far no one has been finalized yet. Mickey Arthur will definitely have a chat with the PCB administration and then with the captain of the team Sarfraz Ahmed before finalizing a name. One can only hope that the new fielding coach of this team will take their fielding standards to more heights in the future. It will be a good thing for the Pakistani team.



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