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پاکستان آسٹریلیا زمبابوے،تین ملکی سیریز کے لئے شیڈول کا اعلان شائقین میں خوشی کی لہر دوڑ گئی۔ آپ بھی جانیں

The tri nation series between Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Australia has been confirmed. Zimbabwe will host this tri nation series and after this series Pakistan and Zimbabwe will play a five match ODI series. This will be a bilateral series and will follow the tri nation tournament. This series will be played in July and there will be two matches each for all three sides. There are not too many number of games in the series for that matter. Due to a tough cricketing schedule this series has been kept short. A total number os six pool matches would be played between the three sides and then the final will decide the winner. The opening game of the event will be featuring the hosts and Pakistan. Now Pakistan in this series will be a under a lot of eyes. This team is gaining a good reputation and momentum as well. Pakistan has drawn test series against England which is a big deal.

England were the favorites in this test series. There was hardly a mouth speaking in the favor of Pakistan and then Pakistan outclassed England in all three departments of the game at Lords. The home of cricket saw the home side in turmoil in both innings at Lords. Pakistan was all over the place for that matter. They were excellent with the bat. The bowling was really good and then on top of all the catching from the Pakistani fielders was amazing. Zimbabwe will definitely gain some bonuses from this series. They need cricket teams like Australia and Pakistan playing on their home grounds. This is a sign that there is goodness in cricket for Zimbabwe as well. In the past we have seen the issues in Zimbabwe cricket.

Australia will be the favorite in the series. They have got a strong team and in the recent performances from them in the ODIS one can put his bet on Australia with all the ease. Pakistan will be dangerous but at the same time they are unpredictable as well. Pakistan or Australian are likely to take away the cup. The Australians will have more chance because they being a world class team. Pakistan will have to show their magic in this event if they want to win it. Without it they might not get the desired results. The batting, bowling and fielding against Australia will matter a lot and hence Pakistan will have to be at the top of their game in order to beat Australia. Zimbabwe will be the weak team in the event and there are hardly any chance that they win this event. But miracles do happen in cricket and we have seen them as well.



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