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راشد خان نے ناقابل یقین کر دیا!اعلیٰ ترین اوور کروا کر اپنی ٹیم کو میچ جتوا دیا!بنگلہ دیش بمقابلہ افغانستان سنسنی خیز آخری اوور دیکھیں

When Afghanistan landed in Bangladesh for a three match T20 series no one thought they were the favorites. They have a good side the Afghanistan with Rashid Khan being the number one t20 bowler in the world but at the same time the Bangladesh team had the experience on their backs. Shakib being the head of this side was pretty much confident that his side would show up a fight. But at the same time his talks were referring Afghanistan as the favorites. That was the time when the media and analysts did realize that Afghanistan had the upper hand in this t20 series. The first game did show up that Afghanistan had the upper hand because of a good solid batting and bowling line up with the spin trio of Rashid, Nabi and Mujeeb.

But then Afghanistan won the first t20 followed by the second and then the third. Now they have hit Bangladesh with a clean sweep and with Shakib being the captain of the Bangladesh team. This is something which shows that you cannot take Afghanistan easy at all. They are a very good t20 side. They have a good solid opening pair. Shahzad is there to hit the ball hard and then a good middle order. In the bowling they have Rashid, Nabi and Mujeeb and these three are bowling some good spinning deliveries these days in the world of cricket. Mujeeb has made a name for himself in a very short span of time and also has an IPL contract as well. This shows how much good in terms of talent he is. This is a good start to his career here.

The final over of the match was a cliffhanger a real nail biter. The two teams put in everything to take away the game. Bangladesh wanted to get the game and escape from a clean sweep while Afghanistan wanted to get the third game in their pockets as well. Now Bangladesh had their moments in the series but they lost those moments. They could have won the second t20 easily but they could not. Then in the third t20 they had their chance in the final stages but that too went wasted away. So for the Bangladesh fans the scenes were bad when they were watching the Afghanistan team taking away the series. This was a huge moment for the Afghanistan team. This is their first ever clean sweep against Bangladesh and they richly deserve the applause. They played exceptional cricket and proved their worth with the bat and ball. Bangladesh will have to work on a lot of things in the t20 format now. They have to rethink their strategy.



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