یہودی رپورٹر کی رونالڈو سے بات کرنے کی کوشش، رونالڈو نے ایسا کام کر دیا تمام مسلمان خوش ہو گئے

The FIFA World cup 2018 is currently being played in Russia. All the major football names are present in Russia and playing for the ultimate prize in football game. Cristiano Ronaldo is there as well leading the Portugal team and so far things are going well for him and his side. Portugal are one of the best teams in the world and they are definitely a strong contender for the cup as well. Ronaldo will be the key player for this side. He is playing really well and leading the Portuguese right from the front. In the opening game it was looking as if Portugal will lose it but then a stunning free kick from the captain himself was converted into a goal and the game got leveled. Ronaldo is definitely going to be one of the key elements for Portugal if they end up somewhere in the final four.

Ronaldo in the opening game for his team hit a hat trick of goals. Fans are comparing his performances with the other football legend Lionel Messi. The two have been considered as contemporaries and both have got millions of fans around the globe. Messi and Ronaldo are star players and hence their actions are always followed. Before the world cup the Argentinian team was supposed to travel to Israel for a friendly football game. Now Messi and his side refused to travel to Israel because of all the restlessness created in that region. The Argentinian team not going to Israel was celebrated like a festival in the Muslim world. A lot of fans praised this decision from Messi and his men. Now we all know the Muslim world especially the common people are against Israel. They don’t like this country and the natives of it and hence if some major thing goes against Israel it is celebrated in the Muslim world.

Now both of them have got a huge fan following in the Muslim countries as well. Often these two do things which are against the entities which don’t like Muslims. As a result these two get a huge roar from the Muslim fans. Ronaldo did one such thing recently. As per the media reports a Jewish reporter tried to get close to Ronaldo and take a short interview. Now the best footballer in the world did not like the reporter showing up like this and putting his mic right near Ronaldo’s nose. The star footballer snatched the mic and threw it down the waters he was passing by. This footage is going viral over the internet. The Ronaldo fans are pretty much ok with all this. They are blaming the reporter that he should have asked for a question in a reasonable way. He offended the footballer by putting mic this close to him and Ronaldo did not like that a bit.



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