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آئی سی سی نے نئی ٹیسٹ رینکنگ جاری کر دی۔۔پاکستانی کرکٹ ٹیم کون سے نمبر پر ہے جان کر آپ کی آنکھیں کھلی کی کھلی رہ جائیں گی

The ICC test rankings 2018 are out and once again the Indian dominance can be seen. The Indian team is doing really well in the test format and one major reason is that this team has played most of the test matches inside India. The pitches are Indian players friendly. On a lot of test matches played in India we have seen that Indian pitches get rough on day one. Thus the Indian spinners come into play on day one and as a result the spinners take a lot of wickets and by a lot we means almost all of them. The records show that straight away on Indian wickets the spinners take away a lot of wickets but the Indians and not every spinner. This is another major dilemma that not every spinner takes wickets on such wickets.

Teams have to do a lot well in the test format. We have seen that the test format is now not getting that importance from the players and the fans. This is a serious issue in this format. The fans are more into the t20 format and they like it a lot. The t20 format has damaged the test cricket and there is no doubt about. It has been years now that the t20 cricket is played in abundance. The number of test matches played now are very low and most of the times the t20 cricket is seen being played all around the globe. Test cricket for that matter is dying and the ICC has to do something about it. This is the reason that now the ICC will be hosting a test championship with nine teams participating in that event. The event will be played in a few years. This will be a good move to highlight test cricket again.

Pakistan will have to do well in this format. The other sides are far ahead in this format from Pakistan. There are many areas where the Pakistan team has to do well. There is batting at the top. Pakistan has to make sure their batting is doing the best in this major format. Pakistan batting has been really poor in test cricket. Most of the times the bowling from the Pakistan team gets them a strong grip on a test match but then the batting really lets the spirits down and as a result Pakistan loses the match or matches or series as well. The England tour is the prime example of this whole scenario. Pakistan has to look upon its batting. There is no other way for them to come up strong in test format if they don’t work on their batting. Sarfraz Ahmed knows this as well and he along with his men are working hard on their batting. They know this fact that strong batting will take them forward in test cricket.



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