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کرکٹ کی تاریخ کی10ایسی شاٹس جن کو کرکٹ کی سب سے پاگل پن والی شاٹس قرار دیا گیا۔ویڈیو دیکھ کر آپ بھی حیران رہ جائیں گے

Cricket has evolved a lot especially in the last two decades. There was a time when the batsmen in cricket used to play shots by the book. There was no concept of playing unorthodox shots and also playing some fiery innings in any of the two formats of cricket. Back in those days t20 cricket was not invented yet. But once this short format cricket arrived everything changed. Now there are plenty of unorthodox shots played even in test cricket. The pace of the game has gained a lot of thrill as well. Now cricket is not the same at all.  Talking about the unconventional shots there are some of them who are this much crazy that you have to watch them again and again to see or to calculate how the batsman played those shots. These shots are the prime examples of the batting mentality these days in cricket.

Now recall the batting techniques we all use to see two decades ago. It was said in those days that play with a straight bat. Don’t go for a cross batted shot. Do not cover your stumps too much and many other things. Now a days all these things are happening and guess what they are all giving results as well. There are a lot of cross batted shots being played in every game. On a number of occasions these shots are giving the batters boundaries and runs. There are covering of the stumps as well and many other things. Here we get to see some of the strangest shots played in cricket in recent times. All these shots came into existence courtesy to t20 cricket. This one format has certainly taken cricket to a whole new level. The first shot is from Morgan. His famous shot against the West Indian pacer Rampaul who was absolutely stunned to see Morgan hitting his length ball like this. This ball was reverse flicked down to deep third man. There was no fielder present there.

Nothing wrong with the ball here though. It was full and straight outside the off stump. Any orthodox shot would have given Morgan a single here. So he decided to make some changes. He reverse flicked it. The English captain Collingwood was seen laughing on this shot from his batsman. Then comes Indian player Sarfraz who played a reverse flick first followed by a scoop shot. The first hit earned him a six and the second a four. These two were stunning shots. Sarfraz is very young in cricket and yet he showed that he has got the confidence to play such kind of shots and get boundaries that too against experienced bowlers. Maxwell is also there in the list with one of his switch hit that gave him a six on the opening ball of the innings. This was in a t20 match.



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