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Shahid Afridi talks about Ahmad Shahzad under performance

Ahmad Shahzad has been facing a lot of criticism and backlash these days. In fact he has been under the radars of the fans for some years now. He has not performed up to the expectations of the fans and many of them want PCB to sideline him permanently. The fans have got their reasons as well. They feel that Ahmad Shahzad has not been able to perform up to the mark in cricket and is nothing much an extra burden the team is carrying. Now there was a time when Ahmad Shahzad was part of the Pakistan team across all three formats. Now he is only playing the t20 cricket and that too not that often. Sometimes he is out of the team because of his poor performances and on other occasions he is out because of discipline. Currently he is under investigation after getting a positive dope test and there is every chance of him facing a ban from PCB.

Ahmad Shahzad has got problems and there is no doubt about it. His issues are both mental and technical and as a result we see him not getting runs in the limited overs cricket. He is a good batsman and the only Pakistani batsman to have scored a hundred in each format of cricket. Ahmad Shahzad just like Umar Akmal could not handle the fame. Playing for Pakistan is a huge honor and when a cricketer gets that international status then he gets fans and becomes popular. Now that is the moment which makes a breaks a player. The fame comes and as a result most of the Pakistani players fail to handle this overnight fame. Ahmad is one of those who mishandled the fame and as a result now he is hardly seen playing for Pakistan. This ban will affect his cricket for sure.

But at the same time he has not been able to maintain his batting standards. He was hit on the head with a bouncer some years back against New Zealand. Now from that day onwards Ahmad Shahzad did not remain the same batsman who used to get runs at a good pace. Shahid Afridi has been a close friend of Ahmad and he too feels that Ahmad is ruining himself by not taking his cricket seriously. When Shahid Afridi was the captain of the Pakistan t20 side he did a lot for Umar Akmal and Ahmad Shahzad. He was going that extra mile to make sure these two play regularly for Pakistan but even that did not bring the results. When Afridi retired these two gentlemen were taken out of the team because they had no such performance to give them another chance. Now if these two want to make a comeback then there are a lot of things which they will have to change.



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