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Shaheen Shah Afridi wicket of Finch

Pakistan picks up the important wicket of Aaron Finch. The man in form for the Australian team is out here. Pakistan picks up a very good wicket here. The bowler well he is none other than the Shaheen Shah Afridi. The little kid is the winner here against Finch. The Australian captain hit the first ball for a four and on the next one Shaheen made a comeback and took out the Australian skipper. This is excellent bowling from the tall fast bowler. Pakistan has picked up the most important wicket here from the Australian batting. Shaheen was over the moon after taking this wicket. He knew the importance of this wicket and so is the whole Pakistani team. This is quality bowling from the tall pacer and he has done the trick as well for Pakistan. Australia loses their first wicket here. The first ball from Shaheen was not up to the mark. It was that first ball which the bowlers bowl casually.

The second one well it showed how talented this fast bowler is. The ball hit the deck and nipped back a little bit. Now Finch was not ready for this movement at all. He thought that the ball would come straight at him outside the off stump but that was not the case. The ball just made slight movement inwards and Finch was onto his back foot while playing the shot on the leg side. Now the feet movement from Finch and the position of the bat from him clearly indicated that he was not ready for this sort of ball and he played it the wrong way. As a result the ball hit the inside half of the bat and went straight into the gloves of the Pakistani skipper Sarfraz Ahmed. The celebrations from Sarfraz showed as well that he was desperately looking for this one wicket and now they have taken it as well.

In the series Finch is the highest run getter so far and this is something which was causing troubles for Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Finch was not amongst the runs in the IPL and then at the start of the England tour as well. But now it seems that he has gotten his lost for back and this is good for team Australia. He is one of the best batters for Australia in the limited overs cricket and hence he getting runs will always benefit Australia. Pakistan at the moment will be looking for some more. A couple of more wickets here for Pakistan will make things tough for the Australians. Shaheen can provide these wickets because he can deliver wickets because of his talent and magic with the ball. He is a really good young fast bowler for Pakistan. At the moment he is bowling really well in the center.



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