عبدالرزاق کی موت کی خبر افواہ نکلی۔۔ کرکٹر سچ قوم کے سامنے لے آئے

Abdul Razzaq the former Pakistani all-rounder is not happy with the social media. A few days back there was a rumor circulating over the social media that Abdul Razzaq died in an unfortunate accident. Now the social media users did not look into the details of this news and shared it. Razzaq heard the news and he had to record a video message for his fans that he is all fine and healthy. There was no accident happened and all the other news related to him were fake. Razzaq was not happy with the people who spread this unethical rumor against him. He urged the users not to believe in any story without first making sure that it is true. He said that a lot of fake news circulate over social media on daily basis and this is really shameful. He said that one should check the facts first and then post something over social media platforms.

Social media has got its huge benefits but then again there is an evil side to it as well. The fault is not with the social media platforms but the people who use it for their evil minds. Now this fake news about Razzaq is the prime example on how evil some people can become and also how many other don’t check the facts first and only become a medium for the fake news to spread amongst the masses. Razzaq pointed out at the nucleus of this mess. He said that people should look for the real news and they should first reconfirm a news before believing on it and spreading it to others. Unfortunately most of the people do not do it at all. For them a news is a news and that is it. They should know that behind every news there is a factor sensationalism. This factor plays a major role in the spreading of such false news. In fact these news are fabricated because the people who generate such news want sensationalism and they want those fake news to spread like a wild fire.

This news must have hurt the family and friends of Abdul Razzaq as well. This is very shameful to hurt someone’s family like this. Abdul Razzaq is not a common person at all. He played for Pakistan and has been ranked as one of the best all-rounders for Pakistan in modern history. He has millions of fans and they must have been deeply saddened to hear this fake news. This is not a good practice and those people who does make such news should refrain from it now. There is no point in making fake news. They don’t live for a long period of time. One should be telling the truth all the time because there is no loss in spreading the truth to the masses. It is like educating them.



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