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عبدالرزاق نے کرکٹ کی دنیا میں پانچ سال بعد شاندار واپسی کر دی پہلے ہی میچ میں پشاور کے خلاف 94رنز بنا کر خطرے کی گھنٹی بجا دی

Abdul Razzaq is retired from international cricket. He announced his retirement from the game a couple of years back when he was to play the Master Champions League. There was a condition in MCL that only retired players can play this t20 league and hence Razzaq announced his retirement. Now Abdul Razzaq is planning to make a comeback into cricket. He was not playing domestic cricket as well so now he has decided to at least return to domestic cricket. Abdul Razzaq has signed a contract with the Pakistan Television Team which takes part in all major domestic cricketing tournaments. Razzaq will now be seen in action once again and this is a huge news for his fans. They all would love to see him back into cricket. The fans should keep in mind that Razzaq has now gone a bit old and hence he might not give the same quality performances now which he used to give in his young days.

Razzaq was a devastating player in his young days. He came to the Pakistan team as a genuine all-rounder and soon he was right there amongst the best performers across the international cricket. Razzaq is one of those limited names in the world of test cricket who have a hat trick under their belt as bowlers. For most of the bowlers getting a hat trick is not that easy. Even in the limited overs cricket we see that there are not too many hat tricks taken by the bowlers. When it comes to test cricket the level of getting a hat trick is even harder. You cannot get a hat trick that easily in test cricket. Razzaq got one at the start of his career against Sri Lanka and that too inside Sri Lanka. This makes it a special one for Razzaq and team Pakistan. Now Razzaq wants to make a comeback in domestic cricket. Earlier there were news about him getting back to cricket.

But those news were related to Pakistan Super League. Razzaq is associated with Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League as a batting consultant. There were rumors that Razzaq might also get in and play as an all-rounder in the team. Now that news is not true at all. But the news of Razzaq joining the PTV side are coming from the PTV and hence there is every possibility that Razzaq might have signed a contract with the PTV by now. The chances are that Razzaq might fail in his effort to make a comeback. He is not that young anymore and the young players are dominating the scenes of cricket in Pakistan so for him making a place of his own will be difficult. Pakistan cricket is moving in the right direction and we all hope that in the future this side prosper more and more.



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