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محمد عامر کی طرح محمد آصف کی انگلینڈ کی کاؤنٹی میں شاندار واپسی اپنی بولنگ کی پہلی ہی گیند پر وکٹ لے لی

Mohammad Asif is currently not an option for the Pakistan team and it is pretty much evident as well. Sarfraz Ahmed and Mickey Arthur both have hardly talked about him. Also Pakistan has got some serious good fast bowling at this very moment and the bowlers are young as well. Now having young fast bowlers in the team who are performing as well there is no need for Asif. He is now a tale of the past. Asif had his moments where he could have become a bog name in Pakistan cricket but he failed and could not make it large in cricket. Still even with all the mess he created for himself his limited number of performances have made him a good number of fans. Still fans feel that he was the best seam bowler who could make the ball talk without having any issues with the condition of the ball either new or old.

Mohammad Asif is currently playing county cricket in England. It seems that now this is the only mode of cricket he will be seen playing along with domestic cricket in Pakistan. The national selectors might not pick up any more so to keep himself attached to cricket Asif will have to play domestic first which he has been for some years now after his ban ended. Also he is participating in multiple league cricket around the globe. He was spotted in Norway playing cricket for a local club. Cricket in Norway is not that much prominent as this side does not have any international team of its. But the club cricket is there in this part of the world and Asif and other Pakistani players have played cricket there. Apart from this Asif went to the United States of America as well. He played club cricket there as well. Now he is back to English county and so far he has been impressive with the ball.

The bowling talent in Asif is still there. He is a magician when it comes to seam the ball either the condition of the ball is new or old. He can move the ball both ways and the amount of movement on his balls is close to be labelled as vicious spin. Asif picked up wicket on the first ball that he bowled in this game. The batsman from the other side was unable to read the movement on the ball. It was a new ball which Asif moved against the batter. Now for a county cricket batsman playing Asif is not that easy. He is a professional with a lot of international cricketing talent and experience. So any new batsman will always struggle against the likes of Asif and this is the same which has happened here to this batsman. He was done and dusted on the first ball of the match.



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