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کرکٹ کے ایسے ریکارڈ جو توڑنا ناممکن

Cricket like all the other sports and games in the world has got its own records and some of them are pretty much unique. As per many fans some of the cricket records are almost impossible for any player to break. If we look into the details of these records it seems the fans are not wrong in their thinking. They say records are meant to be broken and this is not a false phrase at all. In the world of cricket we have seen many records being made and then some times later we saw those records being broken by the other cricketers. But here when we talk about these records the chances of these getting broken are slim. The reason is that most of these records are made in test cricket and when it comes to test cricket not too many games are now played and this is not a good thing at all.

There are many records which could be highlighted here but we will share five of the toughest records which would be really hard to break. The first one here in our list is the continuous appearances in test cricket. This record will go to the former Australian skipper Allan Border. The Australian appeared in 153 test matches in a streak and this shows his commitment and fitness towards the game. This is a huge number and the other players are not even close to this number at all. This many test matches played in a row is something huge for any cricketer. Now a days there are very less number of test games for each country and hence there are very slim chances that any test player could reach out to this record set by the former Aussie captain. Also the fitness levels of the current players are not that much like we used to see in the past in cricket.

The next in the list is the highest partnership between two batsmen in a test match and this one goes to the Sri Lankan duo Mahela Jayawardene and Kumara Sangakkara. The two Sri Lankan hit 624 runs in their partnership in a test match played against South Africa back in 2006. The two scored triple hundreds and it is the biggest partnership between two batsmen in test cricket history. Now once again this record is really hard to break. There are chances though that this record might be broken but it would take two strong batsmen playing against a weak side a herculean effort to take this record down. You cannot just go in and hit these runs. They are huge scores in cricket. There are many other records as well like the highest number of test wickets by Muralitharan and then Tendulkar playing the most number of test matches which are 200 .



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