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کرکٹ کے میدان میں انہونی ہو گئی!بڑے بڑے کھلاڑیوں نے سر پکڑ لئے ایک کھلاڑی نے ون ڈے میں490رنز57چھکے27چوکے دے مارے ٹیم کا ٹوٹل سکور 50اوور میں 667بن گیا


Another huge record has been made in cricket. This time a 20 year old South African batsman Shane Dadswell has hit a huge batting record in the domestic cricket of South Africa. Shane hit 490 runs with the bat in a single innings with the help of 57 sixes. Now no other batsman has hit this many sixes in an innings either played in the domestic cricket or in the international cricket. This was a massive innings from the young kid. In the past we have seen that Brian Lara hit a five hundred runs innings but it did not have this much number of sixes. Shane was brilliant with the bat and from this age we don’t see this many sixes being hit. The South African domestic cricket has got some really good exciting players and we have seen that in the past there are some really good innings played as well in this domestic cricket.

This is the reason we say that modern day cricket has evolved a lot. Now a days even in domestic cricket we see some of the best batting and bowling performances and those players who made such performances are later taken into the national sides as well. Shane might be now looking to take a place in the South African team as well. The wicket was good for batting but still even on batting wickets hitting such a huge individual total is not easy at all. Hitting a total near five hundred runs is something we have only seen a few times in the history of cricket. Domestic cricket is not that hard as compared to the international cricket but then again it is not that easy as well. As a player you have to be really good and fit enough to carry on batting for so many hours and also hitting 57 sixes is not a child’s play. Shane deserves all the credit for his magnificent batting.

The media was right there in printing and talking about this innings as soon as Shane went on to hit this many sixes. It was looking as if he wanted to hit hundred sixes in the game. Now we all know that it is almost close to impossible to hit such a number of sixes. You have to be really fit to hit sixes around 10 in number so forget about the hundred mark. Shane and his team were over the moon after making these runs. He was happy and excited and the media was all over him especially the South African. It was a record innings and the media wanted to know how Shane was feeling after hitting this many runs and this many sixes as well. Cricket surely is producing new news every day now a days and the players are getting better and better as well.



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