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سرفراز احمد کا عمدہ کیچ!عثمان شنواری زمبابوین بلے بازوں پر بھاری! ایک اور زبردست گیند پر کر وکٹ لے لی۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Usman Khan Shinwari and Pakistan gets another break through here. Zimbabwe loses their second wicket and Chibhabha once again hangs his bat around that off stump and this time he successfully gets an inside edge and Sarfraz takes a brilliant catch behind the stumps. Pakistan has been bowling well here in this second ODI game of the series. The Zimbabweans will have to bat better in this game. They are not putting up a fight and this is something which is troubling the whole team. The bowling is not that decent as well from this team. Pakistan on the other hand both batting and bowling are working wonders for that matter. They are batting well and their bowling has always been the best. Usman has taken wickets in the first match and now he has got wickets in the second as well. Two for him so far in the match.

In the first match we saw that Chibhabha was struggling in the center. He made some twenty odd runs but they were not solid from any prospect. He was shaky and he had no idea where the ball was coming from and how he should go against the bowling. Eventually he saw he leg stump flying against Hasan Ali. Here once again he was not looking confident at all. Usman was troubling him outside the off stump and at the end Chibhabha perished in the same region. He was just putting his bat forward on balls outside the off stump and his feet were nowhere to the line of the ball. Now this is not the technique to play fast bowling. He was taking risks and now he is gone here. Pakistan once again proves that they will not take much time to take a wicket if the batsman is not feeling confident against their bowling.

The confidence of the Pakistan team is sky high these days. They won the tri nation series and defeated the favorites Australians. So everything has been working really well for them in both batting and bowling. The bowling was not an issue for the Pakistan team but the batting and in this series and in fact in the tri nation series as well their batting has been really good. They are in with a cool frame of mind. They are doing their basics right in both batting and bowling and this is the main reason that we see Pakistan batting working as well. Zimbabweans are missing this thing. They are not doing the basic things properly. They just need to make sure that they do the basics right against Pakistan. They have to build a proper partnership here in order to get to a good solid total in this match. With runs in hand Pakistan can be challenged and this should be Zimbabwe’s plan now.



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