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Chris Gayle takes a stunner in Global T20 league final

Chris Gayle the giant six hitting machine is currently in Canada playing the Global t20 league. This is the first t20 league played here in this part of the world. Gayle being one of the best batsmen in the world of t20 cricket was taken into the league immediately. Chris Gayle helped his side reach the finals as well with the bat. Today while playing the final the big West Indian took a blinder in the slips. This is definitely one of the best catches that we have seen in recent cricket played across all three formats of the game. It was that good. The bowler was Australian leg spinner Fawad and he delivered a really good ball here. Gayle had to anticipate twice for the catch as in the first attempt he sort of stopped or call it fumbled the ball but then in the second attempt he was able to grab the ball with his other hand.

This was a brilliant leg spinner from the bowler. He pitched the ball in that zone where the batsman is not certain either to go forward or pull back. This time the batsman decided to pull back. Now the ball spun to some good degree and that is where the batsman should have left this one alone. There was a slip present where Gayle was standing. The batsman played a horrible shot here. He tried to glide the ball towards the deep third man. Now there was no point in playing this shot at all. There was slip present with the third man standing inside the ring. So this was a baffled sort of a shot and nothing much. The edge was always there to be produced and it did eventually. Now Gayle was standing more towards the gap we often see between first and second slip.

The ball went towards the left of Gayle. It was a thick edge and the ball was flying quickly. Now Gayle stretched his left hand and the ball hit it. Now Gayle could not catch the ball with his left hand. He was in an awkward position while trying to catch the ball in the first attempt. Now the ball was in the air and Gayle was making a summersault and then in that awkward position he stretched his right hand and grabbed the ball. The catch was taken and all of this happened so quickly that it took everyone a moment to know that Gayle had caught the ball. It was a screamer from the West Indian here. He has not been known as one of the most energetic fielders in the world but this one was way better than many others. Gayle surely showed that his fitness levels are not down at all. He can still catch the ball.



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