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فخر زمان کی ایک اور شاندار کارکردگی پاکستان کو باآسانی میچ جتوا دیا زبردست بیٹنگ کرتے ہوئے سنچری دے ماری۔اننگز کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Fakhar Zaman has today registered his second hundred in ODI cricket. The Pakistani opener first came in the finals of the Champions Trophy 2017 and now this one. He is definitely a batsman who was certain to get a hundred for Pakistan and only fans were waiting for the right time. Today was the day for Fakhar. It is one of the best knocks we have seen from the Pakistan batting line especially from an opening batsman. It was not a hundred which had a lot of boundaries. He did hit a lot of fours in the innings but there was no six from Fakhar. He went subtle in his batting. Fakhar Zaman is the kind of opening batsman Pakistan was looking for a long time. He is good in his batting technique and also has got a really good mental approach towards the bowling. He does not come under pressure and this is the nucleus of his batting.

Fakhar and Imam once again gave Pakistan a solid opening stand. In the limited overs cricket these two batsmen are doing things the right way and Pakistan should get them permanent. Form is temporary and if any of the two or even both does not get runs because of lack of form then they should not be replaced. These two are very solid players who have got all the shots and they sure know how to handle the new ball as well. Pakistan batting line depends a lot on the openers and over the years we have seen that Pakistan failed in most of the games because their openers were not getting runs. Now these two are getting runs and the results are in the form of wins. So this combination of Fakhar and Imam should remain intact. They are gifted players especially Fakhar as he is a delight to watch in the middle.

Fakhar Zaman first boundary came in the very first over of the second innings and after that he kept on hitting the ball in the gaps. The major flaw in the Zimbabwean bowling was that despite knowing the fact that Fakhar loves width and always gets boundaries on it they kept on bowling him outside the off stump. Now due to the lack of pace those balls were boundaries and nothing less. None of those balls made Fakhar edgy. He was middling all of them and getting boundaries inside the power play and even after that as well when the field was opened up and the fielders were down near the boundary rope. He hit the ball so hard that even in the deep the fielders don’t get of a chance to stop his shots. Fakhar is a brilliant batsman definitely he is learning a lot with the passage of time. Pakistan is lucky to have finally found an opener who can score runs for this side.



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