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سابق کھلاڑی عبدالرزاق نے پاکستان کے لئے ایسا ویڈیو پیغام جاری کر دیا جس نے تمام پاکستانیوں کے دل جیت لئے

Former Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has once again come up with a very important message. It is not about cricket but a public awareness campaign. Razzaq recently recorded a video message for the water crisis which is taking over Pakistan. The Pakistani all-rounder made an appeal to his nation. Razzaq asked the people to donate as much as they can into the dam funds which are being collected by the supreme court of Pakistan. Now this is an initiative taken by the chief justice of Pakistan and not any political party. This is a shameful moment for the voters as well. Their political figures are not concerned about the water crisis at all. There are no dams built in Pakistan for many decades now. On the other hand in India they have made a lot of small dams and even bigger ones as well. Pakistan now is fighting a war of survival and if the Pakistanis did not pay attention to it then it will be all gone for them.

First thing first Pakistani nation has to understand that dams are very important and critical for them. Because of the lack of dams they are now facing water crisis and even though the whole Pakistan is not affected by this crisis but that time is not so far that they will. People have talked about it in the past. They alarmed this nation that if they did not build dams then one day will come that the shortage of water will be there and the water crisis will hit Pakistan. They were right because that crisis is now here. Even in the nation’s capital Islamabad there is a shortage of water now and people are struggling to find water for drinking purposes only. Razzaq is one of those people who know the consequences of water shortage and hence he has come forward to make an appeal to the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan nation needs dams and they should all make sure that this is their top priority to make sure new dams are build. Make small and big dams both. Small will not take much time as well. We know building large dams requires time as well but at the same time they the need of this nation as well. You cannot survive without water and this is a definite rule of nature. So Pakistani people will have to look into this matter now. They have to stand up and support this program. Dams will give this nation a solution to the water crisis. Razzaq hopes that his nation will understand this problem and will go for the solution. Else like Karachi and Islamabad soon other major cities of Pakistan will be facing this crisis as well. The solution will remain the same thought, build dams and reserve water so that the problem can be catered.



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