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Pakistan amazing win over India

Pakistan and India re arch rivals in every sports. As cricket is played, watched and followed massively in both the nations so this sports is one where you cannot imagine a defeat being a Pakistani or an India. Now there have been a lot of close games played between the two nations at various grounds and various time frames. But surely the one played between the two in Australia in the VB series is one of the best that we have seen. It was a good scoring game as per those standards used to be applied in those times. The Pakistani team bowled first and got India out on a decent total. Pakistan batting even in those times was fragile. Pakistan started losing wickets and then a time came when it was looking as if the game is in the hands of the Indian team and they will take it away with all the ease. But then the last wicket partnership between Waqar Younis and Saqlain Mushtaq made a miracle happen for Pakistan.

Pakistan started with Saeed Anwar looking in a splendid form. He produced two stunning straight drives against the leading Indian pacer Srinath. The first ball was outside the off stump but a bit fuller and Saeed showed the full face of the blade here. This was one of the best hits from the whole match. Saeed was always very strong on the off side and straight down the wicket. The ball hit the middle of the bat and went straight past Shahid Afridi who was the other opening batsman. The ball raced away towards the fence. There were fielders present at both mid-on and mid-off but the ball was timed so exclusively that there was no way the fielders could have stop this shot. The next shot was hit from the middle again but this time Tendulkar who ran from mid-off was able to field the ball before it reached the fence.

Now the start was good for Pakistan but then the Indian bowling struck and struck big times. They got the wickets of the top order in a quick session. The pressure fell on the Pakistani team and soon they lost the middle order as well. As stated above the batting from Pakistan was fragile even in those times as well and hence under pressure the batsmen could not resist and the wickets kept on falling. With a score more than fifty runs to be needed and the last pair standing at the wicket for Pakistan it was pretty much evident that this team is going to lose this one. But Saqlain and Waqar batted brilliantly and they were able to get the total as well. On the final ball of the match with the scores tied these two took the final winning run in the form of a bye. India could not stop these two at the end.



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