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عمران خان کے الیکشن جیتنے کے بعد شعیب اختر نے عمران خان کے ساتھ ن لیگ کے لئے ایسے الفاظ استعمال کئے کہ سب کے دل جیت لئے

Former Pakistani cricketer and captain Imran Khan has finally become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. This has been one of the biggest news across the globe since the time Imran Khan won the elections. Imran Khan has a huge fan following in Pakistan and across the world as well. He is one of those sports personalities who needs no introduction. In the west especially in England he has got some really good strong relations with some of major political names. Imran Khan has defeated two big political parties in Pakistan whose nexus has been there for the past thirty years or even more. Since Imran was a cricketer and a really good one as well. For some of the current players and even for those who don’t play cricket any more he is the mentor for them. Wasim Akram is the brainchild of Imran Khan and we all know what Wasim Akram did in the world of cricket.

It has been a long journey for Imran Khan. He started his political career back in 1996 and after a lot of struggle and humiliation by the hands of the two big rival parties Imran came to this point. He did not get any seats at the start. His party won just one seat in the 1997 elections. After that he was just a single political figure. His followers were there but they were in numbers. There was not much of a support for him. But he kept fighting and did not lose faith and this was the main thing. Imran Khan is very much focused man. When he thinks of doing something then he goes after it no matter what happens. There is no obstacle that big to stop Imran Khan from reaching his destination. He has that stamina to fight and fight for his whole life for if it matters. This is something which makes Imran Khan special.

Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar were the two names from the cricket fraternity who did not take much time to reach to Imran Khan. They both today met Imran at his home in Banigala. Imran is a mentor for both. Shoaib did not play with Imran but Wasim Akram played with Imran for some good number of years and it was Imran who has given this world of cricket Wasim Akram. Shoaib Akhtar recorded a special message for Imran Khan as well. He said the same things which we have stated above that the resilience in Imran Khan is very special and not most people have it. Imran Khan is a special man and Shoaib hoped that Imran Khan will deliver the poor ones their dreams back. The house of Sharifs and Zardari have looted Pakistan a lot and now there should be done something against them for sure. They should be brought in front of the justice.



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