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محمد آصف نے پاکستان کرکٹ چھوڑنے کا فیصلہ کر لیا ایسی ٹیم نے شامل کر لیا کہ آپ جان کر بالکل حیران رہ جائیں گے

Mohammad Asif as it seems might not get a chance in Pakistan cricket team now. The Pakistan cricket team has got a good solid bowling combination in terms of pace and spin. Captain Sarfraz Ahmed and head coach Mickey Arthur will not take a chance to disturb this combination. The young lads who have come to this Pakistani team like Hasan Ali and Usman Shinwari are doing a great job. Pakistan is winning matches as well so for this side they might think about a youngster and not a bowler who used to bowl years ago and then got banned and now again is back in the domestic cricket. Mohammad Asif had his problems and because of his negative attitude he has ruined his career. There are less chances that we might see him in international cricket. At least for Pakistan he is now a part of the history and there will not be a second chance given to him for sure.

Pakistani team management is now looking to induct young talents in terms of batting and bowling. This is the reason that we don’t see too much senior players remaining in the Pakistan team. Those who are there are performing really well and maintaining their positions. In the bowling line up we hardly see any old player. Junaid Khan and to some extent Mohammad Amir can be tagged as senior players else rest of the bowling line up from the Pakistan team is very young. Mohammad Asif now can play domestic cricket in Pakistan and then league cricket in other parts of the world. It seems that Asif himself now has got the realization that his spot in the Pakistan team has been taken and there are slim chances for him that he might be able to get back. This is the reason he now hardly talks about getting back into the national team.

When Asif came back from the ban he was trying his best to get back into the Pakistan team. There was him going around and telling the Pakistani and foreign media that he will be back into the Pakistan team. Same was the case with his partner Salman Butt. But as time flew now these two have decided not to talk much to media about all the comeback notion which they used to talk about in the past. The two might have been given the signals that their days in international cricket are over. This is the reason Mohammad Asif now can be seen in league cricket and recently spotted in USA. He was there for playing a local tournament. Asif did not talk much about him coming back into the national side. Salman Butt is playing in domestic cricket. So the international careers of these two players may yet be over and their fans should now move one.



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