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وہاب ریاض نے ہانگ کانگ ٹی ٹونٹی میں 1اوور میں3وکٹیں اور14رنز دے کر 4وکٹیں لے لی ایسے بولڈ کہ سب حیران

Wahab Riaz is one of the most talked about cricketers in the Pakistani team. He is from Lahore and a fast bowler. Now there is no doubt that Wahab Riaz in terms of pace is the best fast bowler in the Pakistan cricket team as well as in the Pakistan cricketing circles as well. He is seriously fast. But when it comes to performances he is on the lower side. He has not performed up to the expectations of the fans. He cannot be tagged as a genuine match winning bowler. In fact most of the time he leaks a lot of runs as well especially in the limited overs cricket and we have seen that happening as well. Now there is pace on one side and performances on the other side. Those who feel pace is more important from Wahab gives him edge in terms of performances. On the other hand there are many who feel that pace is not everything because Wahab gets a lot of runs because of his pace and average bowling skills.

Wahab Riaz is currently out of the Pakistan team. Mickey Arthur might not take him back in the test team because he has categorically said in the past that Wahab has not won Pakistan a single game in years and hence it is time for the young players to be given a chance. Now this decision has been accepted most of the Pakistani fans. They are not showing any resilience against this one decision. Some of the media personals are talking about it but we all know soon they will have other topics to discuss. Wahab Riaz on the other hand is trying hard to get back into the team again. In the Hong Kong Super Sixes he played and took wickets. In one of the matches he took four wickets for just fourteen runs. That was a good solid performance from the speed star. He needs more performances like these.

As for his four wickets the first batsman got bowled out. He went too far on the off side while trying to flick the ball over the short fine leg. He missed out but Wahab does not. He speared the stumps down here. The next batsman was caught on the off side. Another wild slog from the batsman and the fielder went under the ball safely caught it. Next batter was out caught again. This time he hit the ball straight into the lap of the long off fielder. This was another easy take for the fielder. He did not have to move much and the ball was right coming towards his hands. The fourth and final wicket fell to a brilliant yorker from Wahab. This was the best ball bowled by him in the match. It was full and straight and batsman coming out from the tail to bat had no idea about this one.



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