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عمر اکمل بہت بڑی مصیبت میں پھنس گئے!قوانین کی خلاف ورزی پر سب سے بڑی سزا کا امکان

Umar Akmal it seems will never learn how to behave in front of the camera. Whenever he comes out in front of the camera he has this habit of throwing controversial statements. The funny part is that his statements have given him more damage in and out of Pakistan than anyone else. Umar Akmal when came to the international cricket he was a great young talent. He was exciting to watch. He had all the shots and he batting technique was very solid. He was scoring runs and getting a lot of praise. But then he fell over and fell pretty badly. He failed completely when it comes to handling the stardom. He started thinking that he is a very important player and he cannot be replaced. He forgot that the world does not run like this. Everyone was a replacement. No one is here for immortality. You have to go one day. This oblivion he created in his head paid him very badly and now Umar Akmal is nowhere in cricket.

Umar Akmal got involved into different controversies. The performance graph went low. He was supported by Shahid Afridi who thought he might get Umar Akmal stand again but even the shoulder of Afridi was not enough for Umar Akmal and he too did not give much respect to the help Afridi was giving to him. Now Umar Akmal is out of the Pakistan team. He is nowhere to be seen. He is playing domestic cricket and it seems he will remain there now. He failed to grasp the opportunities which were given to him. A lot of domestic players are searching for such opportunities but they don’t get them and on the other hand Umar got a lot and he could not get anything from all of them. Pakistan team has taken him out and now he is just a tale of the past.

Umar Akmal recently was interviewed and once again he sparked a controversy. Umar Akmal in his interview said that he was offered money back in the 2015 world cup just to miss the game against India. Now this is something which was crazy. As per the rules of the ICC anticorruption unit a player has to immediately inform the team management and the cricket board about such offers. Umar Akmal never did that and now after years he came forward and told about such offerings. The PCB has given a show cause notice to Umar Akmal and has asked him to submit his answer over this matter. The ICC is also looking into this matter once again. Surely now the middle order batsman is under trouble. He is out in the wild and on his own in technical terms. Umar Akmal should have not spoken about all this even if he had been given such offers because it would have put him in trouble and now he is in trouble.



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