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بلے باز ایک گیند پر90000ڈالر جیت گیا!مگر کیسے

Cricket is a funny game and we have seen this game making people rich as well. Cricketers are a rich clan of people and sometimes if the sponsors in a game are wealthy they are often seen giving a chance to the fans to mint money as well. Though this is not the case here that we are about to discuss. In this piece we will talk about one Australian batsman hitting a shot and instantly earning 90,000 dollars. The batsman was none other than Shane Lee the brother of former Australian pace sensation Brett Lee. Though Shane himself has played for Australia as well and did well in his limited time frame. One of the leading sponsors in the game came forward with a generous offer. There were two wooden boards dug into the ground outside the boundary rope at long off and long on. The two teams were given a chance to hit one of the board and the player who would have hit the board was to be given 90,000 dollars as a prize money.

Shane lee came to bat and over the years he has been known to hit the ball hard and long. The ball was in his arch and there is no doubt about it. By the looks of it the bowler was trying himself to give Shane a ball which he could hit towards those two boards. Right handers mostly like to hit a six over long on. They are often considered strong on the leg side hence there was every chance of Shane going for the long on board. He did that. This was a length ball and in the arch for the Australia. He swung his big bat and the ball hit the middle of his bat. There was a fielder present at long on as well but he was nothing but a mere spectator as he watched the ball sailing over his head and hitting the wooden board on the full. The Australian knew that he has won a jackpot. Shane Lee was celebrating after he saw the ball hitting the board.

His partner was there with him as well congratulating him for winning a handsome amount as prize money. Technically this was the highest amount won by a cricketer in a match. There is no other amount this big seen won by any cricketer not even as man of the match in an international or domestic game. Shane did that and he was more than happy. His expressions were clearly suggesting that he was over the moon after getting this many dollars. Such acts happen in cricket. Most of the time in New Zealand we have seen that they give away prizes to the fans who catches the ball in the crowd. Most of the time these catches needs to be taken one handed. But the rewards for such catches are always huge. This is what makes this game more interesting for the fans.



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