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سی پی ایل کا سنسنی خیز میچ!آخری اوور میں 8رنز کی ضرورت بابر اعظم سامنے پھر بابر نے جو کیا سب حیران رہ گئے۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Last night game between the Warriors and Tallawahs was one of the best that we have witnessed in the Caribbean Premier League so far. The game went to the last ball of the match. The game was hanging in the balance even on the final ball and both team had an equal chance to get the win out of this thrilling t20 match. Warriors were batting in the second innings and needed eight runs from the final over. Sangakkara the captain of the Tallawahs brought in his best bowler Williams. In this shortest version of the game Williams is good in the death overs because he mixes his deliveries a lot in terms of pace and line and length. For the Warriors a settled Babar Azam was on the crease and it was looking as if he will easily guide his team home. The first ball was played down towards the long off fielder. The ball was fielded and thrown back at the bowler. A single was taken on the first ball of this final over.

Babar Azam came to the strike. Now Babar is not a great hitter of the cricket ball. He can score boundaries but at the same time he is more like a player with timing and class rather than being Chris Gayle who can hit anything for a six and in fact with anything even if not a cricket bat. Because Gayle has got muscles and a good height. Babar lacks both but still he is a really good batsman. Babar wanted to hit a big shot but could not get the middle of his bat here. As a result a single was taken again here. Now there were four balls left to play and six runs to get to win the game for the Warriors. On the third ball the other batsman tried to hit a big shot but could not clear the fence here. But his shot earned the Warriors another three important runs.

The game was getting closer and closer. Babar was on strike a good solid hit from him could have ended the game. Babar went for a big one as well. But once again William was able to fox the batsman here. It was a well-disguised slow ball from Williams. Babar went for a big one on the leg side but the slowness on this ball outplayed him here. The ball hit the edge of the bat and went straight into the lap of the fielder present at long on. Babar was out and the match became more interesting. Now two balls were life and three runs to get. The batsman hit a shot but only managed a single. Now it all came to the last ball of the game and Warriors needed two runs to win. On the last ball a lot of field change happened and Williams once again bowled a slower one. Once again the ball was hit in the air but once again the fielder caught the ball and Tallawahs won the match by two runs.



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