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Navjoot Singh Sidhu demands rationality amongst media

Former Indian opening batsman Navjoot Singh Sidhu is under fire for his visit to Pakistan. The occasion was the oath taking ceremony of Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now Imran Khan and Sidhu both have played cricket together and have a really good relationship with each other. Imran Khan invited Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev as well to the oath taking ceremony but Gavaskar is busy in England covering the Indian team tour while Kapil Dev had some other businesses and was busy hence could not make it to the oath taking ceremony of Imran Khan. Left behind was Sidhu who immediately said yes to the invitation and was in Pakistan for a couple of days. He attended the oath taking ceremony of Imran Khan and then went back to India. Now the Indian media is bashing the former cricketer but Sidhu has also a lot to say on this whole matter.

Since the time Sidhu came to Pakistan the Indian media has been bashing him. Many of the anchors have even called him a traitor as well. Now this is something which should have not happened. Even before coming to Pakistan Sidhu clearly said that his visit has nothing to do with the politics between the two nations. Imran Khan is an old friend of his and hence he is going to attend the oath taking ceremony of his friend only. But as it was a Pakistani who invited Sidhu and the former cricketer was going to Pakistan so there was always a criticism waiting for this whole episode. The same thing happened at the end. Indian media went blazing towards the former Indian cricketer. Sidhu did gave all the justification he could on his behalf. Sidhu was treated as a state guest for that matter. There was a lot of love shown from the Pakistani nation towards the Indian cricketer. But it was Sidhu’s own people who did not tolerate him.

Sidhu after giving all his rational answers is now ready to take on the Indian media the way they are taking on him. In his latest media talk Sidhu has bashed the haters and said that he went there to promote peace. There was nothing so serious about this whole issue but it is the Indian media which has made a mess of this whole episode. The people the common people of the two nations want peace in both countries. There is no harm is giving peace to the people who are demanding it. It is the media which has been spitting venom and making the people of the two nations each other’s enemies. This needs to be stopped immediately. There are a lot of peace loving people in both the countries and they are not wrong in demanding a peace treaty between Pakistan and India. There is nothing wrong in this and the media should now talk sensible. It has been decades that both India Pakistan have not been able to come close.



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