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ڈی ویلیئرز کو پی ایس ایل2019میں شامل کر لیا گیا!کس ٹیم نے خریدا۔تفصیلات جانئے

There is a huge news for the Pakistan Super League fans. One year back it was a rumor and did not come true at the end but this time it is not a rumor at all. It is now almost certain that former South African master blaster and skipper AB De Villiers will be playing the next edition of PSL. PSL official Twitter handle is throwing this news in a bit secret way. On the Twitter handle of PSL a picture of a box has been tweeted and on this box we can see the number 17. Now those who have followed AB in his entire career should easily guess that this is the shirt number of AB De Villiers. He always wore this number till he got retires from international cricket. The tweet mentions that there is a big surprise coming up for the PSL fans. Now the Pakistani sports journalist have already spoiled this surprise as most of them have mentioned that AB De Villiers has said yes to PSL 2019 and he most likely will join Lahore Qalandars.

For which side AB will play has not been confirmed but there is a buzz on social media that once again Fawad Rana has done his part for Pakistan cricket. Rana has been making a lot of vibes since the start of the PSL. He is one of the most followed franchise owners in the PSL. He is very animated character and always wants the best for the Pakistan cricket and Lahore Qalandars. He was the one who took the initiative to talk to Brendon McCullum and get him in the side. He later promoted the former New Zealand skipper and made him the captain of his side. Now McCullum is the captain of the Lahore Qalandars. This franchise has not shined in the first three editions but still has got a huge fan following. As for AB if he joins the Lahore Qalandars unit then this will make a huge impact on the Lahore Qalandars batting line up.

AB De Villiers is a maestro in t20 cricket. He was equally good in the ODI and test cricket as well but in t20 cricket AB invented a lot of new shots which later have now been followed by the batters from all around the globe. He is considered to be a batsman who can play any shot in cricket to a 360 degree angle. Now this is what makes AB special. The social media is filled with videos of his amazing shots and when being a cricket fan you see those shots you only admire AB for revolutionizing the t20 cricket single handedly. For PSL this news is a huge boost. The management has been able to get another big name in the event and we all know that big names do make a lot of impact on the event. The viewership increases a lot. This is what gives t20 league cricket more and more success.



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