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وزیر اعظم عمران خان کرکٹ میں کیا زبردست تبدیلیاں لانے والے ہیں!سنئے رمیز را جہ کی زبانی۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Ramiz Raja was amongst those limited number of guests who attended the oath taking ceremony of Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now Ramiz Raja has played under Imran Khan for a good number of years and hence he knows Imran Khan really well. He can tell you easily what Imran Khan is capable off. Ramiz recently has recorded a video message in which he first apologized to his fans that he was out for so many days and did not get in touch with his fans. He said that he had some other commitments and hence he was focusing on them but now he is free and will be in touch with the fans. Ramiz said that after meeting Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan he is charged up. He said that he knows Imran Khan as a cricketer, as a captain, as a political leader and now as a Prime Minister of Pakistan and once again he feels that Imran Khan’s words have given him a huge boost.

Ramiz said the he felt lucky to have been there in that meeting which Imran Khan held after taking the oath as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. His team members from the 1992 world cup was all there and Ramiz Raja was there in that team. In fact he was the opening batsman of the Pakistan cricket team back then. Ramiz Raja said that he witnessed a change in Imran Khan after he took an oath. Imran Khan he knew does not like to be interrupted and contested in a debate. This Imran Khan the PM was asking the players to give their input. He was being interrupted and told about the new things which cricket has now adopted. He said that Imran Khan listened to all the words of the former players present there. He was all set and ready to make some huge changes in Pakistan cricket. One has already been seen as Najam Sethi the head of the PCB has resigned and next to take his chair will be Ehsan Mani.

Imran Khan will change the domestic cricket structure as well. Imran Khan has always been a great supporter of regional cricket. He wants to see less teams in domestic cricket. The current domestic cricket in Pakistan has got multiple departments. A lot of players are playing for many departments and hence there is a huge number of teams and players involved. Now Imran Khan wants competition and quality in domestic cricket hence he wants region based cricket. Teams come from a region and play for being the single best team in a region. If not then one can make a pool of best players selected from a region. Now this is not a bad move which is currently in the mind of the Prime Minister. It will take time but this new idea can surely give Pakistan a lot of good quality players and they can serve Pakistan in future.



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