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انضمام الحق کو کہاں سے ٹرائل کی دوخواستیں آئی ہیں!دوران انٹرویو ایسی بات کہہ دی کہ شعیب اختر سمیت سب کا ہنس ہنس کر برا حال ہو گیا

Inzamam Ul Haq is one of the leading names in Lahore Qalandars talent hunting camps. Now this thing clearly shows that Lahore Qalandars are going for some quality talent from Pakistan domestic cricket. Imagine a batsman selected by the great Inzamam himself. The batting talent of that kid will surely be something to look for. Inzamam Ul Haq is accompanied by Shoaib Akhtar who is also a part of the Lahore Qalandars talent hunting journey. Inzamam and Shoaib have played a lot of cricket together and hence they both know each other really well. Inzamam is currently looking for batting talent for the Lahore franchise. Inzamam recently gave an interview to Hamid Mir inside the ground where he talked about all the talent in the batting in Pakistan. Inzamam said that there is a pattern which the Lahore Qalandars franchise follows regarding the talent hunting camps and they look at the number of applications first.

Inzamam said that Lahore Qalandars in contact with the cricket management authorities in different cities of Pakistan. Each time they receive at least ten thousand applications for talent hunting camp from any part of Pakistan they go for it. They reach that area and give those ten thousand applicants a chance to come forward and make a name for themselves. This is a practice which has been going on for some time now from Lahore Qalandars. As per Inzamam they have to utilize a lot of resources to place a talent hunting camp so for that they make sure that they get a good number of applications first and then go to that place. So far Lahore Qalandars have placed talent hunting camps in all the major cities in Pakistan. This is something which has given a lot of opportunities to the young lot in Pakistan who have cricketing talent but in the past never got the opportunities to showcase their talent.

With the franchises of PSL going to all the major cities in Pakistan and even in the remote cities as well. The local talent in Pakistan now has a platform. They know that they can get into PSL if they perform well and then there is always a chance for them to get into the national side as well. Shadab Khan and Faheem Ashraf along with Hasan Ali are the prime examples of this theory. Inzamam also shared a funny moment as well. You cannot get his wit out of him. Inzamam will always have something to make people laugh. He said that Lahore Qalandars are getting so many applications for talent hunting camp that now they have got 7 thousand applications from the moon as well. Now this was funny from the legendary Pakistani batter. Inzamam is pretty much serious about the Pakistan cricket. He wants to see Pakistan cricket team prospering in all three departments of the game. He is one of those people in Pakistan cricket who have a vision and they all want to see success in future.



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