Problems in West Indies cricket

West Indian cricket has been battling with a lot of issues as of late and no matter who comes leading their team or cricket board, there is a general air of trouble that the West Indians simply cannot seem to fight off.

2014 India Tour withdrawal alone cost loads

Problems in West Indies cricket

The problems became evidently apparent when the West Indians decided to abandon their tour of India, costing the West Indian Cricket Board as much as up to $42 Million. This in turn has resulted in tremendous deep seated issues bubbling the surface. The latest being the accusation made by the West Indian coach Phil Simmons. Apparently, he has reason to believe that the selection process from the team is influenced by the ‘interference from outside’ and has corrupted the process badly. Simons added how, he, along with captain Jason Holder and chairman of selectors Clive Lloyd pleaded that Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard be taken into the team for their upcoming matches with Sri Lanka. But despite of what they had to say, or vote for, Pollard nor Bravo could actually make it to the team.

Infected Selection Committee?

phil simmons

WI coach, Phill Simmons

Simmons simply puts the selection process infected with influence from the outside that results in certain people holding “position to get people into a squad; or in this case, get people left out of a squad”. Showing his complete distrust for the selection committee he stated “It is wrong and I don’t like it and that is my beef with the selection of the ODI team.” He suggests that Courtney Walsh, Courtney Browne or Eldine Baptiste have to have been pressurized from another source to take the decision they did.

Yet these allegations remain what they are, mere allegations. What Simmons’ really doing is questioning the character of these men without substantially backing his claims. And it is here, he seems to be acting out, as some may say, unwisely. Does Simmon really perceive these men are incapable of withholding pressure from outside? No one can deny how reasonable and loyal Simmons is generally viewed, but to take his frustration without the backing of any other person or evidence to back his claim has made him doubtful and made his chances to ever be reinstated in the WICB very thin. While Antiguan was shortlisted to be the position that Simmons’s currently held, Baptiste has been chosen as his replacement as he serves suspension.

All analysis aside, what becomes of the West Indian fans who are simply in need of good cricket and are not getting any all because of the constant issues that have plagued the West Indian cricketing circle from the inside. From what once were known as heroes to cricket, it really must come as a disappointment to the West Indian fans to see just how porous their cricket grounds have become.



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