کرکٹ کی تاریخ کے10ایسے واقعات جن کو دیکھ کر ہر کسی کو رونا آجائے گا!دیکھ کر آپ بھی اپنے آنسو نہیں روک پائیں گے

Cricket is an emotional game especially when it comes to teams like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There is a lot of love and passion for this game in these three countries and we all know where love comes emotions are never far behind it. This is what makes cricket in these parts of the world special. Today we will look at some emotional moments from the game of cricket. There are plenty of moments in cricket where we see the players getting emotional as well. There is a respect level that we see in these moments. This is what makes cricket special and one of the main reasons cricket has gathered so many fans in the last two decades. First comes the fans of cricket. We have always seen the players having a good relation with the fans. This is very important and every player knows this fact. The players know that they live in a stardom because of their fans. Those who don’t have many fans are unknown to the world.

First we will talk about the MS Dhoni and Faf Du Plessie incident. It happened during the last tour South Africa made to India. Du Plessie was batting and scored a hundred in one of the ODI matches. Now as it was hot and humid in India in those days so as a result Du Plessie got a cramp after he hit a shot. The cramp was so nasty that Faf fell on the ground and was screaming in agony and pain. MS Dhoni immediately put his gloves off and started stretching the legs of the South African batter. Now this was seen by millions. Many of them were present in the ground and other saw it on their television screens. Dhoni helped Faf immediately and did not wait for the South African physio to reach. This is what makes this game special. Dhoni showed respect to the game. He stood up immediately to help another player from a different country and team. This is one of the reasons Dhoni has been loved for so many years.

Then there are other incidents like Moin Khan helped an Indian batsman when he got injured. This game was played in India again. Pakistan was fielding and we all know the intensity we see in an India Pakistan match. There is so much pressure of this game that often players forget such things but Moin did not. He too helped the Indian batsman getting some relief from his pain. It seems that this Indian batsman also got a bad cramp. Some of the grounds in India have got a lot of hot and humid conditions and hence batting in these grounds is not easy at all. A lot of times the batsmen get cramps and especially the batsmen who came from other teams. They are not too used to of playing under such extreme conditions and hence they get into trouble in such grounds.



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