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ویرات کوہلی اور بھارتی ٹیم کے بارے میں سوال کا فہیم اشرف نے ایسا جواب دیا کہ بھارتی صحافی لاجواب ہو گیا

Faheem Ashraf is one of the two all-rounders who play in the Pakistan cricket team at the moment. He is lucky to have been playing across all three formats at the moment. Faheem is part of the Pakistan team which has landed in the UAE for the Asia Cup and this event will be a good test for Faheem once again. The all-rounder is pretty confident for his future performances in the matches in Asia Cup 2018.Faheem Ashraf recently had a media session and in that he was asked a lot of questions from the Pakistani and Indian media. Faheem gave some really good answers to the questions which he was asked. The confidence was pouring out of his body language. The match against India will be the real test for the Pakistan team. Faheem said that Pakistan team is all set and ready to take on all the five other sides. The Indian team and the match against India will be crucial for Pakistan. It will be the first game for Pakistan in the event hence the importance of this game is pretty much evident to all as per Faheem.

Faheem Ashraf said that this is true that Virat Kohli is one of the most important player in the Indian team. He is the batting backbone of the Indian team and hence there is no doubt that the Indian team will miss him in the Asia Cup. But then again at the same time you just cannot take the Indian team lightly. They are still a very strong team. They might be low in confidence after the England tour but one thing which the fans are not noticing and also the media that this Indian team is not the same one which has played in England. There are a few players who were a part of the test squad which played in England. Rest of the lot did not hence their confidence will not be that much low as media and fans are portraying. The Indian team is really strong in the batting and bowling departments and hence beating them will not be that easy.

Faheem said that he is hoping to play all the games in the Asia Cup. He is fit and trying his best to perform as per the expectations of the team management and the captain. He himself wants to repeat his performances which he did in the Zimbabwe series. Pakistan will have their man challenge against India. But at the same time you cannot just write off all the other five team. Even Hong Kong played really good cricket in a recent tournament and won the finals. So these contest in the Asia Cup will not be easy. The wickets will help the spinners and hence anything is possible. Faheem said that his job is to play cricket and give his best shot. His selection depends on the plans which the head coach and the captain have got in their minds.

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