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سری لنکا کی ٹیم کو ایک اور جھٹکا!افغانستان نے ایشیا کپ کے میچ میں شکست دے دی۔تمام وکٹوں اور جیت کے لمحات کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Afghanistan has defeated the Sri Lankans and with that the Sri Lankans are out of the Asia Cup 2018. It will be Bangladesh and Afghanistan going to the next round of the Asia Cup 2018. This is a really bad news for the Sri Lankan team and the fans supporting them. Sri Lankans have not been able to get anything from this game today. They were not up to the mark. Afghanistan on the other hand were brilliant with the bat and then with the ball. Afghanistan had a total in mind while batting first and they got to that total. They knew that on these wickets they will be able to fight for 250 runs which they made. Sri Lankans did not think the same at all. Sri Lankan team bowled well at the start and did not let the Afghanistan batters get to too many boundaries but then at the same time they did not lose wickets as well. They kept wickets in hand and in the final overs they were able to get a lot of runs and Sri Lankan failed to stop those runs.

Afghanistan bowling is brilliant and there is no doubt that they are the dark horse in this event. One thing which people did not look out was the number of games which all the teams have played in the UAE. Afghanistan has played almost two hundred games here in the UAE almost fifty games more than Pakistan. So the Afghanistan batting and bowling units know the pitches here and the conditions. They have vast experience of playing here and as a result today we saw them beating Sri Lankan with all the ease in the world. There is a strong chance that they might beat the Bangladesh as well. If that happens then the confidence level of the Afghanistan team will be sky high and hence they will be able to get more wins as well or at least they will stand with a firm chance of doing it.

Sri Lankans are lost at the moment. They are falling apart in both batting and bowling. They don’t have much knowledge about their match winning players. At the moment they seems to lack any plan and if they do have a plan then they surely do not know how to execute that plan. Sri Lankan needs some magic and get themselves back in the limited overs cricket. Afghanistan is going strong and it is their spinners who have become world class players. Rashid is really hard to pick. He bowls leg spin and googly with the same arm action and hence it is really hard to pick him up. The Sri Lankans could not pick him or Mujeeb in the center. These two took wickets and did not let the Sri Lankans score free runs. This is where these two are the best. They often do the job for the Afghanistan side in limited overs cricket.



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