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سنیل گواسکر کی جانب سے وسیم اکرم کی تعریف عمران خان نے کیسے پنجابی میں گالیاں دیں۔۔سنیل گواسکر کپتان کی نقل کرتے ہوئے۔۔سب ہنس پڑے

Sunil Gavaskar the former Indian skipper and opening batsman is one of Imran Khan’s old friends. They have played a lot of cricket together and hence they both know a lot of things about each other. Sunil Gavaskar recently in a show shared a funny incident related to Imran Khan and Wasim Akram. It was the first time that Wasim Akram was bowling to Sunil Gavaskar. Wasim Akram was present in the show as well. He too remember that incident as well. Sunil Gavaskar told the audience that it was the first time that he was facing a young Wasim Akram. He was young in those days and he used to bowl really fast. Gavaskar was batting and Wasim Akram bowled him a short ball. Now there was pace on that ball and it came at a very awkward height as well. Gavaskar could not put his bat behind the ball. The ball hit him near the shoulder and went to deep fine leg. Gavaskar took a single. Now Imran Khan was standing near the bowling end. Gavaskar went to Imran right away.

Gavaskar told Imran Khan that Wasim Akram is a brilliant bowler and he is bowling really well. Now on the other hand Imran Khan sledged Wasim and told Gavaskar that he is telling Wasim Akram to bowl short but he is keener in swinging the ball. Gavaskar laughed and so does Wasim. They both remembered the incident. Wasim said that he heard the conversation between Imran and Gavaskar at that time but pretended that he did not listen at all. As per Wasim for a youngster like him it was big compliment that Sunil Gavaskar was praising his bowling. Imran Khan on the other hand was a bit not happy with the line and length from Wasim. Wasim was bowling full length balls against Gavaskar before that short ball. He wanted to swing the ball and get Gavaskar out.

It was not an easy job for Wasim because Gavaskar was a brilliant batsman and he was an opening batsman so he had a lot of experience of playing swing. He had faced a lot of pacers from around the globe. Wasim was special but still Gavaskar used to manage him well. Wasim Akram said that he always wanted to take the wicket of Gavaskar. He could not do it much but at the same time he enjoyed playing against the Indian batting legend. Imran Khan and Wasim Akram performed a lot against India and this is one of the main reasons that these two have been given a lot of love and respect from the fans on both sides of the border. Imran Khan has got a lot of fans in India. He was really popular in India and has got so many friends in India. In cricket he obviously has got more friends but even in other parts of life he has friends in India.



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