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وزیر اعظم عمران خان نے وسیم اکرم کے ساتھ کیسے ہاتھ کیا وسیم اکرم کا بھارتی شو میں انکشاف

Wasim Akram is one Pakistani cricketer who can surely say that he was close to Imran Khan. Wasim Akram can definitely be called the disciple of Imran Khan. It was Imran Khan who groomed Wasim Akram and helped Wasim Akram a lot at the start of his career. Imran Khan had that eye to spot talents and he knew deep inside that Wasim Akram can become a legend. Wasim Akram did become a bowling legend in cricket. He is the best left arm pace bowler the world of cricket has seen. Wasim Akram being close to Imran Khan knows a lot about his former skipper. Wasim Akram also has got a lot of stories and incidents which happened between him and Imran Khan. Once such incident was shared by Wasim last night in a show. Wasim Akram said that this incident happened in a test match at Leeds. It was the second innings and Wasim Akram had the ball in his hands. The last man was batting for England he had no idea about batting.

Now Imran Khan had nine wickets in that game by that time. He took five wickets in the first innings and then had four in the second innings. Imran Khan came to Wasim and asked him to bowl outswingers to the final batsman. Now as per Wasim when Imran asked him to bowl outswingers he was a bit surprised. He knew that the last batsman from England did not know a thing about batting. A simple ball directed towards the stumps would have done the job but still as Imran asked the pacer to bowl outswingers so Wasim bowled five outswingers to the right hander. Now there was no way that Wasim could have bowled a ball other than outswinger. The reason that there was no concept of going against Imran Khan at that time. When he tells you to do this then it was obligatory for the players to do exactly the same. Imran Khan never liked a no and an argument.

Wasim Akram finished the over and went to the field. Imran Khan came in to bowl next over. The same batsman came to face Imran in that over as well. Imran bowled a full length inswinger and the wickets were tarnished. Now Wasim was watching all this and was wondering why Imran himself bowled an inswinger and on the other hand asked him for outswingers. Later Wasim realized that Imran wanted to complete his ten wicket haul. With that final wicket he was able to get to that ten wicket haul. If any other bowler could have taken the wicket then Imran would have not completed his ten wicket haul. He would have remained on nine wickets. Wasim could have easily taken that wicket in his over but he could not and Wasim later enjoyed how his skipper fooled him. Wasim said that he still enjoys recalling this incident. Imran really outplayed him in that game.



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