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بھارت بمقابلہ پاکستان 19تاریخ کو پاکستان جیت جائے گا کیونکہ۔۔ سنیل گواسکر نے بھری محفل میں ایسی بات کہہ دی اینکر کا منہ بن گیا

Tomorrow is the big contest in the Asia Cup 2018. This is definitely the game which many fans are eagerly waiting for. It will be Pakistan facing arch rivals India. The mother of all cricket matches as the India Pakistan fans believe. Pakistan is the favorite at the moment but one cannot totally dismiss the chances of India in the game. India is currently playing against Hong Kong and then tomorrow this Indian side will face the Pakistani unit. So for India a bit tough. They will not have any rest. On the other hand Pakistan has got the resting period needed before going against the Indian team. So Pakistan is sort of favorite. On paper it is India who is a strong and favorite but as per Sunil Gavaskar it is team Pakistan which he feels is the favorites. Sunil in a recent show said that there are many factors which will be going towards Pakistan and are making them the favorites. The biggest advantage is the Champions Trophy Final.

Pakistan defeated the Indian team pretty badly in the finals of the Champions Trophy. Now everyone before this game was thinking that despite Pakistan playing really good cricket in the event will be taken with ease by the Indian team. Team India did not lose a single game in that event except the final. India had a very strong unit and they were playing exceptional cricket. The first three batsmen were in a terrific form with the bat in that event for India. But the Pakistani bowling decimated the Indian batting order. Amir took the first three wickets in the game and then Pakistan did not let the other take charge. Gavaskar said that despite the final being played a year ago still the Indian team will have the memories of that game. They will be under pressure. Pakistan bowling is still the same and they are in a really good form as well. So for Indian batting things will not be easy at all.

Pakistan has got a lot of experience on these wickets and this will be another major factor in the game. Indian team has not played too much cricket here. In fact they did not even have played 5 games here and on the other hand Pakistan has got more than 150 games experience here on these wickets. Now fans can calculate the math here. Wasim Akram feels the same. He said that on paper the Indian team looks really strong but at the same time there will be pressure of the recent England series. Then comes the Champions Trophy final. Wasim said that Pakistani bowling and then Pakistani batting techniques against the Indian spinners will be really crucial. The spinners will play an important role in the event for both the teams. Pakistan might go with two spinners in the game but that is not certain at the moment. In the first game Pakistan went in with four pacers and one spinner.



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