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ہانگ کانگ کے کھلاڑی نے دھونی کو آؤٹ کرنے کے بعد ایسا جشن منایا کہ کروڑوں پاکستانیوں کے دل جیت لئے۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Hong Kong is currently playing against the Indian side at this moment. The Hong Side has done well so far and if they kept playing like this then surely they can be seen defeating the Indian team. It will be tough and not easy but cricket is a funny game and anything can happen in this game. Indian team batted first and made 286 runs which is not a bad total on these wickets. But at the same time at the moment the Hong Kong side has reached hundred runs in their chase and they have not lost a wicket and also they have made these hundred runs inside the first fifteen overs. So the math here tells us that Hong Kong is in the game at the moment. The spinners here in the Indian team will decided the game. If the Hong Kong batsmen are able to negotiate Chahal and Kuldeep then India will be in real trouble. Spinners so far have done well in the tournament and so there is a chance that Indian spinners will pick up wickets.

Talking about the spinners Ehsan Khan from Hong Kong bowled well and his price wicket was that of former Indian skipper MS Dhoni. Dhoni went out for zero to Ehsan. This was a quicker ball from Ehsan and it went low. The ball was outside the off stump and hence Dhoni went for a late cut shot. Now against a spinner this is always a tricky and risky shot. As the ball went low so Dhoni could not put his bat behind the ball properly. As a result the ball hit the edge of the bat and the wicket keeper took a brilliant catch. This is was an excellent take from the Hong Kong wicket keeper. The ball was really low and yet he managed to grasp this catch so full credit to the wicket keeper who gave this wicket to Ehsan. Now when Ehsan took this catch he straight away bowed down to his Almighty. It seems that he was feeling blessed to have taken the wicket of MS Dhoni.

There is no doubt that for a bowler like Ehsan Khan the wicket of MS Dhoni is a big thing. Dhoni is a brand in international cricket and hence if a new comer to international cricket takes him out then the confidence level of this new comer goes sky high all the time. As for the match at the moment bad news for the Indian fans because Hong Kong is over 150 runs and they have not lost any wicket. If they kept going like this for the next ten overs then Indian might see themselves losing this game. There are almost hundred runs left to get for the Hong Kong side. They have the wickets as well as the overs in hand so the task is not difficult for them. It will be the Indian bowlers who will have to come up with something now.



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