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پاکستان کا پہلا کھلاڑی آؤٹ!امام الحق صرف2رنز بنا کرانتہائی غیر ذمہ دارانہ شاٹ کھیل کر آؤٹ!وکٹ کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Imam Ul Haq is out here. The pressure has been executed here and the results have come for the Indian team. So far the first three overs have been excellent for the Indian team. Bumrah and Kumar have been bowling brilliantly and the Pakistani batting line is not getting the boundaries and runs at all. The last over was a maiden and straight away in the next over Imam falls. Kumar bowled this ball well. Imam was too early in leaving his crease and as a result the bowler saw him coming down. Kumar banged this one short and there was no way that Imam could have taken this ball down. The ball hit the top edge and was caught by MS Dhoni behind the stumps. This was an easy catch for Dhoni. Imam goes for two and now the pressure will be more on the Pakistani team. At the moment the Indian bowling is doing things the right way. It seems that they have learnt a good lesson from their performances against Hong Kong last night. They were bad in that game and there is no doubt about it.

Pakistan and India games are pressure games and if someone says there is no pressure then there is no truth about it. This Pakistani opening pair has been firing runs since the last year. They have scored heavy runs for Pakistan at the start of the innings. They both have built some strong partnerships as well but here they looked totally tangled. They were not getting singles and doubles. The boundaries were not coming. As a result the pressure mounted and Imam who has never been known as a big hitter of the cricket ball went for a big shot. Now here he made a mistake that he left his crease too early. Well before even the ball was bowled. As a result Kumar was able to change his line and length at the delivery of the ball. The ball was short and Imam is not a tall fellow at all.

It was over his shoulder when he played this shot. He wanted to carve this ball over the off side. This was not going to happen because Kumar is no ordinary bowler at all. The result was that edge which was taken by Dhoni. Pakistan will now feel pressure more. Imam is known to give stability to the batting at the top and now he is gone. Fakhar is at the other end but he too is struggling at the moment. Pakistan needs a big partnership in order to make a comeback in the match. Pakistan will also be looking to hit a big total because against the Indian batting anything ordinary on the board will not help the Pakistan bowling. Despite Pakistan having good bowling still runs are needed. If they don’t get to a strong total then surely it will be India taking this game with ease. More to come here from this game fans.



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