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جو کہتے ہیں دھونی کبھی غلط ریویو نہیں لیا وہ یہ دیکھ لیں!امپائر کے ناٹ آؤٹ دینے پر روہت نے دھونی سے پوچھ کر ریویو لیا لیکن تھرڈ امپائر نے بھی ناٹ آؤٹ دے دیا

Pakistan in all sorts of trouble against the team India. Pakistan was the favorites for this game but not anymore it seems. At the moment six wickets are down for Pakistan courtesy to a typical batting failure which we see from Pakistan time to time or against good teams. This is now Indian’s game so far. Pakistan needs runs and the Indian team is not willing to give those runs. Faheem Ashraf is at the crease at the moment and there has been a review called in by the Indian team. The ball hit the pads of Faheem and the umpire gave it not out first. Dhoni and Rohit had a chat after that and now the review has been taken by the Indian team here. This is going to be interesting. Dhoni does not fail a lot when it comes to getting reviews. He has helped the Indian team in a lot of reviews and most of the times the reviews have come in the favor of Dhoni. Here it seems Dhoni might be wrong. At the moment the ball looks to have hit Faheem over the knees.

The replay shows that the ball has hit Faheem over his knees. He was in the middle of a jump as well and so there was every chance that the ball might have missed the stumps. Now Dhoni thought the other way. Also keep in mind that the umpire did not call this one out. So it had to be completely out, all three reds in the replay to have taken this wicket. That did not happen. In the replay it was clearly seen that the ball was jumping over the wickets. The impact was on the line here but it was the height which has saved the batsman here. Dhoni after a long time has been proved wrong here. Indian loses is review and now they cannot review any decision in the bowling. Faheem gets a chance here and now he is the only batsman who can get Pakistan some runs.

Faheem can bat and there is no doubt about it. This is is chance to come up with something good. Pakistan needs runs. Against India they cannot win this game with a low score. The ball does not do much on these tracks in Dubai so there are runs needed and then some extra brilliance with the ball and in the field. So far poor show from Pakistan and some excellent work from the Indian team. Fans were expecting a good game but they at till the moment did not get any. Pakistan bowling will have to fire big time. It is the only way Pakistan can win this game if they take quick wickets because Pakistan is no going to make a total over 300 or any way near it. So there will be a low total which Pakistan will be having at the end of the innings hence wickets will be the key with the ball for Pakistan.



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