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ایشیا کپ کے اہم میچ میں پاکستانی ٹیم بھارت کے خلاف 162رنز کر آؤٹ۔کھلاڑی کیسے آؤٹ ہوئے۔تمام وکٹوں کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan all done and dusted here and the first half of this India Pakistan game goes to the Indian team. This has been a brilliant bowling performance from the Indian team. Rohit Sharma as captain of the Indian team looked absolutely flawless. He did not do anything wrong today and the results at the moment are in the favor of his team here in this crucial game. This game does not have any impact for Pakistan and India in terms of getting to the next round. These two have already qualified for the next round but it is an India Pakistan game. So the pressure and the importance always comes in such games. Pakistan was never in the game in the first half. India on the other hand did all things the right way in the bowling. They picked up early wickets. They picked up wickets in the middle overs and then they picked up wickets in the final stages of the game. Pakistan as a result did not get the total they wanted and against India defending this low total will not be easy at all.

Imam was the first wicket to fall for Pakistan. He played a wrong shot here in fact all the Pakistani batsmen except for Usman played some horrible shots and they got themselves out. There was some good bowling done by the Indian bowlers but at the same time the shot selection from the Pakistan team was horrible. Imam went out to attack Kumar in the second over. He did not get to the line and length of the ball. He went out of his crease too early and Kumar banged him a short ball. There was no way Imam could have done anything about this ball. As a result he edged the ball to the Indian wicket keeper Dhoni. Fakhar got out to another poor shot. He tried to attack Kumar on the leg side could not get the middle of the bat to the ball and Chahal caught him inside the ring. After that a good partnership was built by Babar and Malik but then Babar was outplayed by Kuldeep.

It was a wrong one from Kuldeep. Babar could not pick this one. He played it in the wrong way and his off stump was disturbed. This was a lethal ball but Babar did not play it well enough. After Babar the Pakistani captain Sarfraz played another stupendous shot. He went out to attack the bowler when there was no need to do so. A wicket had fallen few balls ago and yet Sarfraz went for a big shot. He was caught in the deep brilliantly by Sharma. This was a really fine catch from the youngster. Pakistan wicket kept falling around and as a result they are just able to 162 runs. Against the Indian batting line on a batting wicket the chances for Pakistan are slim to get back into the game now.



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