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شکست کے ذمہ دار یہ 2 اہم کھلاڑی ہیں ٹیم سے نکالا جا سکتا ہے مکی آرتھر کا انکشاف

Sarfraz Ahmed has become the debate now in Pakistan cricket. It was meant to happen and Sarfraz should have seen this coming. Now if he does not perform with the bat then soon he might see himself sitting outside the Pakistan team. His batting is totally down and he has not been performing with the bat for a long time now. There are things which Sarfraz has to answer now. Yesterday he played a reckless shot and got out. From a captain you do not think of such shot but Sarfraz did that. Mickey Arthur in the post-match presser was asked questions about Sarfraz. The reporters said that there is an issues with the batting position of Sarfraz as he is not getting runs. Arthur has tried to cover Sarfraz here. He said that there is no problem in the batting position of Sarfraz. He has been doing well but only that the whole team flopped in the match against India. The roles were defined but the players did not act on the roles and as a result Pakistan lost the game.

It was a horrible batting show from Pakistan. The last three matches between Pakistan and India have been one sided affairs. India beat Pakistan in the first match of Champions Trophy. Pakistan defeated India in the finals of the Champions Trophy and now India beating Pakistan in the Asia Cup game. All three games were one sided affairs and this is something which clearly has to do with the mindset of the players and the pressure of the India Pakistan match. Last night Pakistan team was thrashed in batting and bowling from the Indian side. The Pakistan team looked in pressure. There is no doubt about it. This bad loss has now caused fans to point out questions on Sarfraz Ahmed. There is no secret in Sarfraz Ahmed bad performances with the bat. He is not scoring runs. It is Pakistan wins in recent times which are saving him from all the criticism. Now he has to something about his batting for sure.

As per Arthur roles are defined in Pakistan team. The only problem happen last night was that no batsman played as per his role. As a result the batting failed and the pressure came on the bowling as well. These wickets needs big totals to defend. If you failed to hit a big total in the first innings then your chances of winning the game become too low. Pakistan did that and lost the game. Against Indian team 162 is nothing. This could have been defended only if the wicket was bowling friendly. This was not the case here and the results are in front of us all. Arthur said that Pakistan will make a comeback. He said that there is another game with India on 23rd and Pakistan will try to get that game in its bag. It will again depend on the Pakistan batting. If they get runs they will have a chance.



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