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ایشیا کپ میں راشد خان نے دھوم مچا دی!زبردست بیٹنگ کرتے شاندار ففٹی بنا ڈالی۔اننگز کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Afghanistan has produced a brilliant batting effort after being given some jolts by the Bangladesh bowling. Afghanistan has made 255 runs in the first innings and looking at their bowling especially the spin department with Rashid and Mujeeb this game is 70% with Afghanistan now. Bangladesh will have to move a mountain in order to get a win out of this game. Rashid Khan hit a stunning fifty in the game and his innings came at the right time for the Afghanistan side. Today is Rashid’s twentieth birthday as well so surely this is his day so far. When he came to the crease less than seven overs were left in the innings. Rashid started smacking the ball right from the start of his innings. His brilliant hitting put the Bangladeshi bowling in pressure and Rashid was able to add some really good runs in the final overs. This innings from Rashid apart from his bowling can be the decisive factor between the two teams after the match. Afghanistan flying here at Abu Dhabi at the moment.

Rashid Khan innings was very mature. There are many reasons that we can call it one of the best that he has played. Keep in mind that now Rashid is not only the best leg spinner in the world but also he can bat and he has got some serious batting skills. Rashid came out to bat and straight away swept one on the leg side. It was a fuller ball from Shakib and Rashid immediately went for the leg side sweep. The ball hit the middle of the bat and went for the boundary in no time. The fielder was present near the ball on the leg side but he could not get to the ball neither did the fielder on the leg side. Rashid really hit this one well enough. After this a top edge from Rashid earned him his second boundary. Rubel hit one short and Rashid hit it and he was lucky that the ball went over the wicket keeper’s head and went for another four. On the next ball another huge hit from Rashid and this time it was a six.

Rubel tried another short ball and this time Rashid pulled this one from the middle of the bat and this one landed into the spectators. This was one of the best shots Rashid played in the innings. Afghanistan added 97 runs in the final ten overs courtesy to Rashid Khan and Nabi who hit a solid partnership in the middle. The Bangladesh bowling went under pressure in those final overs. Now this total will test the Bangladesh team. There is no Tamim and Mushafiq in this team in the batting so there will be a lot of pressure on the Bangladeshi batting. They will have to play really well in order to get a win here. Afghanistan bowling can be really tricky on these pitches. Bangladesh batting against Afghanistan spinners is the battle now.



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