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پاکستانیوں کی ناقص فیلڈنگ! جاری میچ میں دو گیندوں پر دو آسان ترین کیچ ڈراپ کر دئیے۔ویڈیو دیکھ کر آپ بھی سر پکڑ لیں گے

Pakistan is under pressure at the moment and this is very much evident in the fielding here. Fakhar Zaman and Usman Shinwari both have dropped catches and the funny part is that these two catches were dropped on two consecutive balls. Shaheen Shah Afridi is livid with the two team mates but there is nothing he can do about it now. The chances have gone wasted here. Pakistan is playing a crucial match. They have three games in this second round of the Asia Cup. They will play against Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh and they have to win two games out of three to go further in the finals. So this game is crucial for Pakistan and they need a win. At the moment Pakistan is looking for a wicket. There are three changes made in this Pakistan team. Pakistan at the moment is bowling well but if they kept on dropping catches then there will be issues for them at the end of the game. So to avoid that they have to lift themselves in the fielding.

Both the chances came from the bat of Ihsanullah. The first hit was nothing but a chip on the leg side. There was no timing on this shot and the ball went straight to mid-on. Fakhar Zaman was standing there. The ball came to him to his left. Fakhar pulled his left hand out, went for a one hand chance. The ball was fumbled twice from the Pakistani opener and then he dropped it on the ground. There it was the first chance gone begging. Fakhar could have taken this catch with a lot of ease had he gone with both his hands. Now why he preferred to go with one hand is something only he can tell. It was a crazy effort from him. This clearly showed that the Pakistani fielding was under pressure. This should have been taken. After this the second chance was dropped on the very next ball.

This ball was short from Shaheen and Ihsanullah went for a pull shot. There was some serious pace on this ball and as a result Ihsanullah gloved this one to short fine leg. Usman was standing there and he could not get to the ball. The ball hit his hands and went on the ground. This was another chance which could have been taken but at the end was not. Pakistan lost two very important chances here. There is pressure here on the Pakistan team and there is no doubt about it. They are struggling in the middle at the moment. They need wickets and that too in a quick session. Nawaz might prove out to be the key bowler here in the Pakistan line up. There are many things which the Pakistani team has to look upon in this game. They have to bowl well first and then bat well to win this game and take important points from this match.



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