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Imran Nazir finally shares his past illness details

Imran Nazir is back in cricket and this is a huge relief for him and for his fans. The Pakistani opening batsman was out of cricket for five long years and there were no too many authentic news about him that what he was going through. He was having medical issues and this was the only thing which people in cricket and fans knew about him. But what exactly was wrong with him no one had an idea about it. Imran Nazir now has finally uncovered the details behind his illness. Imran Nazir was suffering from Arthritis and it was in a pretty much severe stage as well. Each and every joint in Imran’s body use to ache a lot and as per Imran the pain was something which was hard to bear as well. He said that a lot of people think that it was sort of a personal issue and this is the reason that he has not talked about it in detail. Imran said that there is no such thing in his mind that his illness has something to do with personal matters. He said that he wants to educate people about it.

Imran Nazir said that his condition was pretty severe and in those times there were a few moments when he started to lose his hope. He said that but by the grace of Allah he bounced back and kept fighting against this disease. Now is the time when he has finally recovered fully from his illness. He is now fit and ready for cricket. Imran Nazir said that he tells people about his illness all the time in order to make sure that people are fully aware of this illness. Also Imran tells the people about those particular doctors who have treated him. Now Imran Nazir feels that he is fully fit and is ready to take part in cricket once again. He thanked the Lahore Qalandars management who have picked him for the Abu Dhabi t20 league. He said that these leagues are the main platform for him.

Imran Nazir said that he will play such leagues and try his best to give his best in these leagues. He said that at the moment he is not making long shots. His plan is to make sure that he stays fit and healthy in cricket. He said that he wants to get back into the Pakistan team once again but that is not in his mind that much at this moment. He is planning to give performances in such leagues first because that will be a good case to present to the selectors as well. He said that he is not thinking too much on all these things as well. He wants to get back into cricket which is his aim at the moment. His performances will definitely be a major thing for him and his fans. His fans want to see him hitting sixes like he used to in the past.



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