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Sunil Gavaskar shares funny incident about Imran Khan and Wasim Akram

Sunil Gavaskar as we all know is a close friend of former Pakistani skipper and now the current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Sunil Gavaskar has got a lot of funny incidents to share about Imran Khan and often while talking about Imran Khan in the commentary box or on a TV show he tells incidents involving Imran Khan and these incidents are most funny for sure. Sunil Gavaskar and Wasim Akram recently were part of a TV show and in that Imran Khan became the topic of the debate. Wasim Akram is sort of a brain child of Imran Khan. Wasim Akram always sees that Imran Khan is the one who has made him the Wasim Akram the world knows now. Sunil Gavaskar told the audience that he was playing against Pakistan at Sharjah years back. It was the first time for Wasim Akram playing at Sharjah. Now Wasim Akram was pitching the ball full in order to get the swing. All of a sudden he banged one short and that ball really surprised Sunil Gavaskar.

Wasim Akram was trying to swing the ball both ways to Gavaskar. Now Gavaskar being a pro was able to adjust himself to this swing. Now this short ball was a ball which clearly put Gavaskar in trouble. He said that he was not ready for a short ball. In his mind he thought that a young Wasim Akram was trying his best to get him out on a swinging ball. The ball bounced here and Gavaskar could not play at this ball at all. The ball hit him on the shoulder and it also was not gathered by the Pakistani wicket keeper Wasim Jaffar as well. The ball hit his gloves and went to deep fine leg. Now Gavaskar and his part ran a single bye because of that misfield. Now Gavaskar straight away went to Imran after completing that single. He said to Imran Khan that Immi which we all know was Imran Khan’s nickname in the world of cricket that this young kid can bowl really fast.

Now Gavaskar praised Wasim Akram in front of Imran Khan who on the other hand was furious on Wasim Akram. As per Sunil Gavaskar, Imran Khan used a couple of slangs for Wasim and said that this is what I have been telling him to bowl short at you but he wants to swing the ball all the time. Now Wasim Akram was returning to his mark and heard this conversation. He did not speak a word and pretended as if he did not listen a word of it all. As per Wasim when he went back to the dressing room Imran Khan came after him and he cannot tell on this show what Imran Khan said to him. In fact Imran Khan scolded Wasim Akram and used words which cannot be spoken on TV. Imran Khan as per Wasim and Sunil has been a true inspiration.



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