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دبئی لیگ میں شاہین آفریدی کا ایسا کمال کا یارکر کہ دیکھ کر سب عش عش کر اُٹھے۔ویڈ یو دیکھیں

The Abu Dhabi T20 league has started and Lahore Qalandars are playing its first game at the Abu Dhabi stadium at the moment. Shaheen Shah Afridi is playing this game for the Lahore Qalandars and he is one of the main stars in the match. Shaheen at the moment has taken two wickets. He has been hit for some runs as well which is usual because he does not give too many runs. Shaheen Shah has been bowling really well in international cricket. He is a tall fast bowler who bowls with an attacking line and length. Shaheen is one of the main fast bowlers in the Pakistan team at the moment. He has not been taken into the test side so far but in limited overs cricket he is one of the best. Shaheen here initially was taken for some good number of runs. A lot of boundaries were hit against his bowling. Shaheen here has picked up his second wicket which was to a brilliant yorker. This is certainly a perfect yorker which the batsman had no answer here. The ball hit the leg stump here.

Shaheen has this habit of bowling yorkers. He is at the moment the only Pakistani bowler in the current team Pakistan who can deliver yorkers. Hasan Ali used to bowl a lot of yorkers but that was in the past. Now he too does not bowl them a lot. Yorkers are one set of deliveries which can save a bowler from getting hammered. This ball is always very hard to counter. Most of the time the batsman only try to defend a yorker and not try to play a shot against it. Those who try mostly get bowled or fall lbw to the bowler. Here the batsman was cleaned up because he was trying to play a shot. The ball did hit the toe end of his bat but went straight towards the leg stump and tarnished it as well. This is the disadvantage of trying a shot on a yorker.

The line, length and accuracy of this ball was near to perfection from Shaheen. He knew where to deliver this one ball and he was almost spot on. The line of the ball was directing towards the stumps and the length was really close to the wickets. The batsman tried to give himself room and play the ball hard on the off side. This was always a risky shot and at the end he paid the price for his shot as well. This is good bowling from the young bowler here. Shaheen is definitely a very intelligent bowler. He thinks all the time and bowls some really good balls. In t20 cricket bowlers do get runs because of the nature of this format and that does not mean that if a bowler gets runs he is not a good bowler. Even brilliant bowlers in this format get a lot of hitting in some games so this is normal in this format.



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