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ٹی 10لیگ میں شاہد آفریدی اور فخر زمان کی دھواں دار بیٹنگ چھکوں اور چوکوں کی برسات کر کے اپنی ٹیم کو میچ جتوا دیا

The T10 second edition is not far away. This is the shortest format cricket which at the moment is under initial proceedings. T10 league first edition was a success though there were doubts about this league. Pakistani players were part of this league which was another major factor which helped this league to get fame which was needed at the start of the venture. Now this time things have changed. The second edition will have its weaknesses. The first one is that unlike the last time, Pakistani team players will be absent from the event from this second edition. The retired ones might will be seen in action like Shahid Afridi. But players like Fakhar, Sarfraz, Hasan and others will miss this event. Shahid Afridi will attract crowd. He has got a huge number of fans in the UAE. But will those fans come to the stadiums only to see Shahid Afridi. The last time Shahid Afridi played the event he had some really good performances with the bat and ball and his fans were happy to see his performances.

Shahid Afridi in one of the games batted well and hit some really solid shots. The first shot he hit was a four on the off side. This was a short ball outside the off stump and Afridi cut this one from the middle of the bat. This shot was played some good power and as a result the ball beat the point fielder and went racing towards the boundary. There was a fielder present in the deep but Afridi hit this shot so powerfully that the ball did not take much time to hit the ropes. The fielder in the deep tried to cut the ball before reaching the fence but he failed. The next hit was on the leg side. This hit came from the middle of the bat and the ball sailed into the crowd. Another short ball darted towards the body of Afridi but the Pakistani all-rounder was ready to take on this ball. He pulled this one on the leg side.

The ball was hit hard again and this time Afridi collected maximum number of runs. Afridi smashed some more shots in the game. In return to this innings the other team had Fakhar Zaman’s. The left handed opening batsman played a blinder. Fakhar Zaman is a good solid batsman who likes to attack the bowlers. He does not play too many defensive shots and most of the times he likes to go after the bowlers. Here he did that and attacked the bowlers once again. The bowling side were just witnessing carnage coming from the bat of Fakhar. He was standing and delivering. The wicket was good for batting and as a result Fakhar collected a good number of boundaries right from the start of the innings. The two teams played brilliant well and fans witnessed a really good game of cricket and entertained the fans a lot.



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