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بلال آصف نے تاریخ رقم کر دی ڈیبیو میچ میں6وکٹیں لے اُڑے آسٹریلوی بیٹسمین حیران

Bilal Asif is making his debut for Pakistan in the ongoing first test match against Australia. In the past Bilal has played limited overs cricket for Pakistan and now he has been included in the Pakistan test team. Bilal is an all-rounder and hence he was taken into the Pakistan team as Shadab Khan was injured and could not play the first test. So far Bilal has been exceptional with the ball.

Bilal has picked up four wickets in the first innings and there is every chance that he will pick more. The pitch is really helping him because so far we have seen that only Bilal is getting a lot of turn from this wicket. The other spinners did not get this much help from this track. Pakistan bowling well here.

Bilal who has remodeled his bowling action after his previous action reported and he was put under a ban. Bilal worked on his bowling arm and now at the time of release his bowling arm is as straight as one can imagine. Pakistan has taken five wickets so far in the first innings of the match.

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