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ڈومیسٹک میں بولر کے عجیب ایکشن نے نئی بحث چھیڑ دی!ایسا بولنگ ایکشن کہ دیکھ کر امپائر سمیت تمام کھلاڑی ہکے بکے رہ گئے

In a domestic game a bowler was charged with a dead ball after he made a strange alternation in his bowling run up. The spinner took a 360 degree turn and then bowled the ball and despite being the ball fully legitimate the umpire gave it a dead ball. Now this caused a confusion everywhere and now on this one ball there are two mindsets getting into play. There is one group of people including the bowler and his whole team who feel that the umpire was totally wrong as he called a legitimate ball a dead ball. There was just a slight change in run up which is normal as per the bowler and fielders and comes under the laws of cricket. On the other hand the umpires feel that it was not appropriate from the bowler to just make that strange action before delivering the ball. The bowler did that to break the concentration of the batsman and get him out which did not happen and the batsman defended this ball on the leg side.

Uttar Pradesh spinner Shiva Singh swiveled in his run-up before handing over the ball. The standing umpire Vinod Seshan declared it as a useless ball. The incident took place in the under-23 ck nayudu suit between Uttar Pradesh and Bengal in Kalyani. Since then, after the emergence of the video, loads is debated whether or not the bowler become honest or unfair as in line with the rule of thumb books. To settle the topic, the bowler isn’t always allowed to turn 360 tiers before turning in the ball, as in keeping with the rules of the sport. In truth, if a bowler offers all the six balls of the same over with the identical action, then it’s far allowed as in keeping with a home umpire. But, bowling one ball with a bizarre movement isn’t always valid. The law 41.2 states that the umpire has the right to decide the bowling motion of the bowler. The umpires will be the only judges of honest and unfair play. if both umpire considers an motion, now not blanketed by the laws, to be unfair he/she shall intrude without attraction and, if the ball is in play, name and signal lifeless ball,” the regulation states.

If an umpire considers that any movement through a player, no longer protected in the laws, is arbitrary, he/she shall call and signal lifeless ball, if appropriate, as soon because it turns into clean that the decision will not drawback the non-offending aspect, and report the matter to the alternative umpire.” meanwhile, certainly one of nice umpires to have embraced the sport, Simon taufel also stated that a bowler cannot bowl like this. The umpire is entitled to name and sign useless ball under law (unfair play) or,” he informed cricket next. “it’s as much as the umpire but one would must ask why the bowler did this and need to assume the handiest cause could be to distract or placed the striker off. Does not appear proper or truthful to me. if it is his normal bowling action then perhaps an extraordinary outcome.” in truth, if a batsman is permitted to play a transfer hit, then how is it honest on bowler’s component. Simon taufel also cleared the doubt of the equal.



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